Water Main Repairs on Key from N Highland to N Edgewood

Water Main Repairs on Key from N Highland to N Edgewood
The Water, Sewer, Streets Bureau will be digging and putting down roadway plates Tuesday (Aug 11) morning on Key from N Highland to N Edgewood. There will be no water service impact on Tuesday. Friday night (Aug 14) the water main will be repaired causing some water service to be interrupted. For questions, call the water-sewer hotline at 703-228-6555.

Aug 11 ACPD Food Drive

ACPD Food Drive: Aug 11
Arlington County Police Department is conducting a food drive in support of the Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC).
When: Tues Aug 11 from 6PM to 8PM
Where: 3 drive-thru donation stations:
● Westover Baptist Church – 1125 Patrick Henry Dr
● Police Headquarters – 1425 N Courthouse Rd
● Giant Food – 2901 S Glebe Rd
Donors should stay in their car until they reach the unloading areas, where officers will remove donations from their vehicle. News Release

Aug 15 CPC Food & Toiletry Drive

Drive-thru Food & Toiletry Drive for Arlington Shelters – Aug 15
When: Sat Aug 15, from 9 to 11 AM
Where: Clarendon Presbyterian Church (CPC), 1305 North Jackson St
No physical interaction. Masks required. Drop-off at curbside location outside church.
● The Food Drive will support family residents at Bridges to Independence in Clarendon. Top needs include: rice, boxed cereal (Frosted Flakes, Trix, Fruity Pebbles), applesauce, juice, packaged healthy kids’ snacks (no prepared or opened food please) & other dry food items.
● The Toiletry Drive will support 35 individuals at Residential Program Center (RPC) on Columbia Pike and its day program providing showers, laundry and meals for drop-in visitors. They need: Toothpaste (regular & travel size), toothbrushes, razors (men’s & women’s), deodorant (regular and travel size), new men’s underwear (XL, 2XL, 3XL), new women’s underwear, new socks, combs, brushes & bar soaps.
Send questions to clarendonpresbyinfo@gmail.com or (703) 527-9513.

COVID-19 Risk in Arlington Increases

COVID-19 Risk in Arlington Increases
Virginia’s Phase 3 guidelines allow a risky 250 people at an indoor venue.
● 25 people in the room: 21% chance someone has COVID-19.
● 100 people in the room: 61% chance someone has COVID-19.
Estimated on Aug 9 by Georgia Institute of Technology, Applied Bioinformatics Laboratory. Learn more at Georgia Tech ABiL

Designing Streets for Kids

Designing Streets for Kids Guide
The National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) just published the Designing Streets for Kids guide to pave the way for cities to promote streets that better serve the specific needs of children and caregivers as pedestrians, cyclists and transit users. Download

Trash Collection Failures Continue

Trash Collection Failures Continue
Arlington’s residential trash/recycling contractor continues having trouble collecting everyone’s trash & recycling on the usual schedule.

If your trash/recycling have not been collected, DES asks that you leave your carts at the curb until collected. If your trash/recycling has not been collected after 48 hours, please submit a missed collection ticket online or call 703-228-5000 weekdays 7 AM to 7 PM.

Suspension of residential yard waste collection continues with no announced resumption date. Yard waste may be brought to temporary drop-off sites during restricted hours 8 AM to Noon, Mon to Fri.
● Earth Products Yard at the Trades Center, 4300 S 29th St in Shirlington
● Mulch pick-up site at N 26th St and Yorktown Blvd
Details at Arlington Trash, Recycling, & Yard Waste Page

Prudent to Vote Early

Prudent to Vote Early this Nov 3
The problem stems in part from the demographics of poll workers across the US: they tend to be older. Election officials are considering options. One possible solution would be to consolidate polling places in order to manage in-person voting with available resources. That will likely cause long lines at poling places.

Pre-Filled Mail Ballot Application OK to Use in Arlington

Pre-Filled Mail Ballot Application OK to Use in Arlington
This week, many voters received pre-filled mail ballot applications from the Center for Voter Information, an independent organization not affiliated with the County. The form is the correct Virginia Vote by Mail Application for Arlington and can be used by voters to request a ballot for the Nov 3 General Election. Voters can return it in the provided postage-paid envelope. There was a problem with some forms sent to Fairfax county, but Arlington county says the Arlington forms are OK.

● Check your voter registration record online at Virginia Dept of Elections.
● Voters who have submitted a request for a mail ballot in November do not need to submit another request.
● Ballots will be sent the week of Sept. 18.

More at Arlington News Release

County Enacts $100 Congregating Fine

County Enacts $100 Congregating Fine
The County has adopted an emergency ordinance prohibiting groups of more than 3 people from congregating on streets and sidewalks posted with restrictions, and requiring pedestrians to maintain at least six feet of physical separation from others on the posted streets and sidewalks. Violators could face a traffic fine of up to $100. News Release

Donations to World Central Kitchen Have Evaporated

Donations to World Central Kitchen Have Evaporated
Founded in 2010 by celebrity chef José Andrés, World Central Kitchen (WCK) is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization devoted to providing meals in the wake of natural disasters. Its method of operation is to be a first responder and then collaborate with local chefs to solve the problem of hunger. In mid-March 2020, WCK transformed 8 of Andrés restaurants in New York City & Washington, DC into soup kitchens to support residents affected by COVID-19.

“We simply don’t know how long we’re going to be able to continue to serve meals, and we are standing at the cliff right now,” WCK CEO Nate Mook said. “Because at some point, as we look at the weeks and months ahead, the reality is, we are going to simply run out of money.” WUSA9 Report Donate

COVID-19 Risk in Arlington

COVID-19 Risk in Arlington
Virginia’s Phase 3 guidelines allow a risky 250 people at an indoor venue.
● 25 people in the room: 19% chance someone has COVID-19.
● 100 people in the room: 57% chance someone has COVID-19.
Estimated on Aug 3 by Georgia Institute of Technology, Applied Bioinformatics Laboratory. Learn more at Georgia Tech ABiL

Cash Is Better Than Cans

Cash Is Better Than Cans
Helping food banks is vital to helping Arlington neighbors in need. While food banks appreciate food donations, boxes of mismatched canned goods need to be sorted, carried and stored, while money can be used to buy most needed supplies: fresh food like meat, produce, dairy and bread. Canned foods tend to be higher in sodium and lower in nutrients than fresh foods. Money also goes further because food banks buy food at wholesale prices. More DetailsDonate to AFAC

31 Vehicles Stolen in July

31 Vehicles Stolen in July
Motor vehicle thefts are on the rise. Thieves are targeting cars left running unattended and parked with keys left inside. Of the 31 vehicles stolen in July, 9 were running unattended and 12 were unlocked with keys left inside. The victims are often food delivery drivers who return from their delivery to find their vehicle has been stolen. News Release

High School Sports Season Delayed

High School Sports Season Delayed
The Virginia High School League voted to delay the start of the 2020-21 high school sports season. A compressed sports season will run from Dec 28 to June 26. The Winter season will start in late December, followed by Fall sports and Spring sports. More at VHSL

COVID-19 Infections Rise in Metro Area

COVID-19 Infections Rise in Metro Area
After more than a month of decline, COVID-19 is increasing in the Washington area. Officials fear a coming spike in infections similar to other parts of the US.

VA Positivity Rises
Virginia’s positivity rate increased from a low 5.8% in late June to 7.7%. Virginia permitted business reopening despite never dropping below the World Health Organization’s 5% threshold. Washington Post

VA Quarantined
MD & VA join the list of states whose residents must quarantine for 14 days when arriving in NY, NJ, & CT. DC residents are not subject to quarantine. WAMU

Arlington “R” in Neutral
Arlington’s infection rate (“R”) has declined in the last 2 weeks to a plateau at 0.98. Back in June “R” was at its lowest: 0.75. An “R” above 1.0 indicates the number of infections is increasing, below 1.0 it is decreasing. Arlington’s “R” has been above 1.0 since early July. COVID Act Now, Arlington Page

3 Carjackings in Last Month

3 Carjackings in Last Month Daily Crime Reports
CARJACKING, 2020-07250042, 2200 block of Shirlington Road. At approximately 2:06 a.m. on July 25 Police were dispatched to the report of a grand larceny auto. Upon arrival, it was determined that the victim exited his vehicle and was approached by 3-4 male suspects who exited a vehicle and approached him…
CARJACKING, 2020-06240033, 1400 block of Crystal Drive. At approximately 3:33 a.m. on June 24, police were dispatched to the report of a carjacking just occurred. Upon arrival, it was determined that the victim was asleep in his rental vehicle in a garage when he was awoken by two unknown suspects brandishing firearms…
CARJACKING, 2020-06220165, S. Four Mile Run Drive at S. Walter Reed Drive. At approximately 8:27 p.m. on June 22, police were dispatched to the report of a carjacking. Upon arrival, it was determined that the victim was pumping gas when the male suspect allegedly approached her and demanded the vehicle…

CPC Thanks Food and Toiletry Contributors

CPC Thanks Food & Toiletry Drive Contributors
Clarendon Presbyterian Church (CPC) thanks everyone who contributed to its very successful Food & Toiletry Drive. The church collected 105 boxes/bags, an estimated value of $5,200! The food supports Bridges to Independence in Clarendon, a shelter for families with children. The toiletries support Residential Program Center, a shelter on Columbia Pike for single adults.
Next Food & Toiletry Drive Aug 15
When: Aug 15 from 9 to 11 AM
Where: Clarendon Presbyterian Church, 1305 N Jackson St
Please mark your calendars to contribute to the next Drive-thru Collection.
Drop-off at curbside outside the church. No physical interaction. Masks required.
Send questions to clarendonpresbyinfo@gmail.com or 703-527-9513. Thank you!

APS: Classes To Be Online From Home

APS: All Classes Online this Fall; School Starts Sept 8
The new Arlington Public Schools Superintendent, Francisco Durán, has decided to scrap the plan to teach students in classrooms two days per week. All classes will be offered using full-time distance learning. The School Board has approved his suggestion to start the new school year on Sept 8, a week later than originally planned. ARLnow

Sept 8 School Year Begins

School Year Begins Sept 8
The new school year is to begin Sept 8.

● Schools will start with distance learning, students staying at home.
● New content will be taught.
● The County will provide free internet access to households that lack it.
APS News Release

The County Board allocated $500,000 of Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act funding for a joint County/School Internet Essential Grant Program to provide broadband internet access to APS students in need. Some 5,000 to 8,000 families could qualify for the program, which will be administered by APS through a contract with Comcast. County News Release

Nov 3 General Election

Nov 3 General Election
November may seem far away, but it’s time to register to vote or request an absentee ballot. If you are concerned about going to the polls this year, you can vote by mail — no excuse needed. Go to Virginia Dept of Elections website to register, update your registration, or request your ballot or call the registrar at (703) 228-3456.

  ● The deadline to register is Oct 13.
  ● The deadline to request an absentee ballot is Oct 23. Don’t wait!
  ● In-person early voting starts Sept 18 at 2100 Clarendon Blvd lobby
  ● Election Day is Nov 3. Polling Places are open 6AM-7PM

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Refunds for Yard Waste Collection Failure?

Refunds for Yard Waste Collection Failure?
Residential yard waste has not been collected since May 12 from green curbside carts and paper bags. The Dep’t of Environmental Services (DES) says it is unable to cope with the volume of residential trash and the inability of its contractor to provide sufficient staff. DES has been unable to devise a solution and does not foresee a solution in the near future. Instead DES proposes to refund $2.93 a month to residents for services not provided. DES Slide Deck

Brush collection is still available by request. Schedule a Brush Pickup

Plan to Rename Lee Highway

Plan to Rename Lee Highway
The Lee Highway Alliance (LHA) will develop a Working Group of stakeholders including the LHA Community Advisory Committee, civic associations, property owners, and business owners in the corridor. The Working Group will meet over the summer and into the fall, at which time a shortlist of names will be sent to the County Board. Arlington must reach consensus on the name with adjacent jurisdictions. News Release

Arlington Pools Limited Reopening

Arlington Pools Limited Reopening
The indoor public pools at Washington-Liberty and Yorktown high schools have reopened. The Wakefield High School pool should reopen soon after major maintenance work. Activities include Lap Swimming, Water Jogging, Water Exercise (aerobics) and Water Walking. Advance reservations are required for 45-minute sessions. Cost for adult sessions is $6.30 and $4.10 for seniors. Multi-day passes and memberships are available. There are many restrictions; read everything carefully. More Details Fee Schedule