Mar 28 LV Egg Hunt (Volunteers Needed)

When: March 28 (Sat), 10am-Noon
Where: LV Park, 1800 N Highland St

The Lyon Village Women’s Club and the Lyon Village Citizens’ Association are co-hosting an Egg Hunt on Saturday, March 28th for all neighborhood children ages 2 through 8. In addition to the egg hunt, there will be games for kids of all ages, refreshments and picture-taking opportunities with the Easter Bunny!

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Two Suspects Charged in Auto Break-ins

Police determined that on February 2, 3, and 10, the two suspects forced entry into three vehicles parked in the 1400 block of Key Boulevard by smashing the cars’ windows. The suspects then allegedly stole personal property. Felony warrants have been obtained for two suspects. Both are being held in D.C. pending extradition to the Virginia.

Utilizing various investigative resources, including witness accounts and surveillance video captured in the area, detectives developed information on possible suspects.

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Dominon Power Phone Scam

Dominon Power Phone Scam
Calls claiming to be from Dominion Power saying your account is overdue and your power will be shut off “today” or “in 30 minutes” are fake.

No Mardi Gras Parade Feb 25

No Mardi Gras Parade Feb 25
The Clarendon Alliance announced that there will be no Mardi Gras parade for Fat Tuesday (Feb. 25) this year. Speculation is that they are giving up on the popular local event.

APS Quarantines Students Recently from China

APS Quarantines Students Recently from China
APS students returning from Mainland China will not be allowed to attend school for 14 days. APS will provide support to any student who is unable to attend school by providing take-home educational materials.

Steps to prevent students and staff from becoming ill in schools:
  ● Cleaning and disinfecting touched objects and surfaces
  ● Reinforcing hand washing, hand sanitizer use, not coughing or sneezing on hands, staying home when sick, etc.

APS Coronavirus Guidelines

School Board Votes to Move 3 Schools

On Feb 6 the Arlington School Board adopted a plan to move three elementary schools for the 2021–22 school year by a vote of 4–1. The lone dissenting vote was cast by Reid Goldstein.

  • A majority of McKinley students move to a new school at the Reed site
  • Arlington Traditional School (ATS) program moves to the current McKinley building
  • Key Immersion program moves to the current ATS building
  • The current Key building is repurposed into a new neighborhood school

More at APS website

APS School Year to Start Aug. 31

APS School Year to Start Aug. 31

Arlington School Board approved a new start date for the next school year: Aug 31. After 4 days of class there will be a four-day weekend for Labor Day.

The school year will end on June 16 for high school students and June 18 for elementary and middle school students.

Police Announce Auto Thieves Identified

Arlington County Police announced charges against 3 suspects responsible for multiple auto theft and larceny cases throughout the County.

Multiple warrants were obtained for Michael A. Brunner III, 18, of Washington, D.C. His charges include felony Stolen Auto, Grand Larceny and Credit Card Larceny, as well as misdemeanor Vehicle Trespassing and Petit Larceny.

Two juvenile suspects have been arrested for Grand Larceny Auto.

Since July, 882 car breakins have been reported to police.

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Police Advice on Auto Thefts/Break-ins

To help residents keep their vehicles and property safe, the Arlington County Police Department is sharing ways we can work together to reduce and prevent property crimes in our community.

The identification and apprehension of suspects is just one step in reducing crimes of opportunity. Thieves are looking for easy, low effort opportunities to steal. Thieves often target multiple unlocked vehicles parked on streets, in driveways and in garages to rummage through personal property and steal items of value as well as vehicles with keys left inside.

Method of Theft
Larcenies from auto are often crimes of opportunity with thieves taking advantage of unsecured doors and windows to steal items left unattended or out in plain view.

Based on surveillance video, witness accounts, interviews with victims and interviews with suspects apprehended in past cases, the evidence suggests that the suspect(s) are trying door handles and entering those vehicles that are found to be unlocked.

Arlington County Police, as well as our regional law enforcement partners, do not have any confirmed cases in which thieves have entered vehicles using sophisticated electronic technology.

When and Where Thefts Occur
Larcenies from auto have been reported in nearly all neighborhoods across Arlington County, typically during the overnight hours and can occur on any day of the week. Suspects will often commit a series of larcenies from auto by targeting numerous vehicles at a time.

Public Education
The Department is deploying electronic signboards in various locations throughout the County as a high-visibility community reminder to lock vehicles and safeguard personal property. The signboards are part of a public awareness campaign and will be periodically moved to different neighborhoods to help spread important crime prevention messaging.

A signboard deployed in your neighborhood doesn’t necessarily mean that larcenies from auto have been reported in the area.

Take Action with these Crime Prevention Tips
No matter where you live, follow these crime prevention tips to help reduce the likelihood for criminal activity.

Never assume your home or neighborhood is immune from criminal activity as criminals will purposely seek out homes or neighborhoods that they believe present easy targets.

● Close and lock all windows and doors when you park. Pull on the door handle to verify it’s locked.

● Keep your garage door closed and locked. If a thief can get into a vehicle, they can have access to a garage door opener and can gain access to your home.

● Park in well-lit areas and activate exterior lights at your home.

● Never leave the area while your vehicle is running. Doing so is illegal in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

● Take all valuables out of your vehicle.

● Do not leave your keys, key fobs, or valet keys in your vehicle. This includes keys to a secondary vehicle.

● Consider installing effective home surveillance cameras. Be mindful that if a home surveillance system captures a larceny from auto in progress, they do not always provide the overwhelming evidence needed to prosecute a case.

● Participate in the #9PMRoutine and encourage your family, friends and neighbors to do so too.

Report Suspicious Activity to Police for Investigation
Arlington County Police officers proactively patrol Arlington’s neighborhoods to identify and prevent criminal activity.

The department’s efforts are enhanced by the active involvement of residents. When residents call to report suspicious activity, they aid not only the police, but help make their neighborhoods a safer place to live and work.

Suspicious activity is an occurrence that is out of place in your neighborhood. Common suspicious activity factors in larcenies from auto cases include observing individual(s) looking into your or your neighbors’ cars, individual(s) walking down the street and trying multiple vehicle door handles, and vehicles with open doors with the interior dome lights on.

Factors such as race, ethnicity, national origin, or religious affiliation alone are not suspicious. The public should report only suspicious behavior and situations rather than beliefs, thoughts, ideas or expressions.

Residents observing suspicious activity should contact the Emergency Communications Center at 703-558-2222.

If you see a suspect in your vehicle, do not approach them and dial 9-1-1 immediately.

Captain W. Vincent, Arlington County Police Department

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Dorsey Resigns from Metro Board Amid Money Troubles

Dorsey Resigns from Metro Board Amid Money Troubles

Christian Dorsey resigned from the Metro board Thursday, Feb 6. This reportedly removes his obligation to repay a $10,000 campaign donation from the ATU, Metro’s biggest labor union.

Dorsey’s position will be temporarily filled by Loudoun Board of Supervisors member Matthew LeTourneau until the NVTC appoints a permanent replacement at its March 5 meeting.

Story at WaPo

Story at ARLnow

Contentious Jan 30 School Board Meeting

Many parents continue to protest “deeply flawed” school move plan.

At the Jan 30 School Board meeting, the Board once again faced an angry community. Parents, many working as policy-making professionals with extensive experience crunching data and analyzing complex problems, challenge the data and methodology board staff are presenting to the Board.

These parents insist that the School Board should scrap staff’s poor-quality analysis. Bad decisions will cause chaos in children’s lives and require further chaotic changes in the near future.

The Board may vote on this proposal as early as February 6.

Story and video at WJLA-TV