Armed Robbery & Attempted Robbery

Armed Robbery & Attempted Robbery
Daily Crime Report
Armed Robbery in Lyon Park
200 block of N. Fillmore Street At approximately 11:50 p.m. on July 31, police were dispatched to the report of an armed robbery in progress. Upon arrival, it was determined that a cab was dropping off passengers when two dark colored SUV’s pulled up and blocked in the cab. A male suspect then approached the rear passenger side door, brandished a firearm and demanded money.
Attempted Robbery in Clarendon
3100 block of Wilson Boulevard. At approximately 10:50 p.m. on July 29, police were dispatched to the report of threats. Upon arrival, it was determined that the male victim was in the area when he was approached by the two known male suspects who began throwing rocks at him. The suspects then demanded that the victim give them money and fled the scene on foot when the victim confronted them.

Aug 3 National Night Out at LV Park

National Night Out at LV Park, Tue, Aug 3
When: Tue, Aug 3; 7–8 PM
Where: Lyon Village Park, 1800 N Highland
Lyon Village is hosting a National Night Out (NNO) Event at the Lyon Village Park from 7:00 to 8:00pm. Bring the whole family. We will have popsicles and ice-cold water for all. Arlington County Police Department (ACPD) officers will be there to connect with the neighborhood.
  NNO is an annual community-building campaign that promotes police-community partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie to make our communities safer and improve quality of life. “This annual event is a great opportunity for officers and the Arlington community to come together to strengthen neighborhood spirit and build stronger relationships which are vital to maintaining public safety. “I truly believe we are at our best when we are working collaboratively with the community and hope you will join us on August 3,” said Chief Andy Penn.
To help with the event, please contact John Carten at

Board Member Tours Lyon Village

Board Member Tours Lyon Village
On Thurs afternoon, LVCA President, John Carten and two dozen LV residents lead County Board member Takis Karantonis on a walking tour of LV. When residents were asked “would you prefer the proposed changes or keep Lyon Village as is” 22 out of 23 residents on the walk raised indicated a preference to keep Lyon Village as is.
  All County Board members are invited to take Karantonis’ lead to meet with each of the affected communities.
  Karantonis will be running for re-election this November, challenged by 3 independent candidates. The County Board has decided this election will not use ranked choice voting.

LVCA President’s Message on Plan Lee Highway

LVCA President’s Message on Plan Lee Highway
The Lyon Village Citizens’ Association (LVCA) wants to ensure that you aware of the current proposals being developed by the Plan Lee Hwy (PLH) team and County staff and the impact these proposals will have on single-family homes in Lyon Village.

These proposals would change the General Land Use Plan (GLUP) and zoning for the R6, single-family homes between Lee Hwy, N. Veitch St., 18th St. N., and N. Highland St. in Lyon Village. This ultimately will result in the destruction of
● 75 single-family homes (10% of all single-family homes)
● 43 townhomes (50% of all townhomes)
● 6 affordable apartment buildings (40% of all affordable apartment buildings)
● As well as the futures of all the families living in them

Information on the County’s proposals can be found at the following links. Lyon Village is in Area 5 (West) in these documents and slides.
Plan Lee Hwy Homepage
Presentation on Lyon Village

The LVCA strongly opposes these proposals, as is spelled out in our Position Paper.

LVCA supports maintaining the current GLUP and zoning, as shown on these Maps.

We feel these proposals, if approved, would set a precedent that would negatively impact Lyon Village and additional neighborhoods in the future, as well as harm the reputation of the County. We respectfully request your support in stopping these proposals from going forward to the County Board for approval in October 2021.

Please send letters to the following letting them know you oppose the proposals for Lyon Village. Get at least 10 of your friends and neighbors to send letters, too. We need every Lyon Village resident in every household to speak out and make his/her/their voice heard. — General address for all Board members — County Board Chair — County Board Member — County Board Member — County Board Member — County Board Member — Mr. Mark Schwartz, County Manager — Chair of Plan Lee Highway — Lee Highway Project Manager — Ms. Elise Cleva, Acting Comm & Engagement Manager — Ms. Rachel LaPiana, Comm & Engagement Specialist
(Please send a copy of your letter to As we learned in the past, the County will not publish or provide copies of letters from individuals.)

Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

John Carten, President, LVCA

Please send questions or comments to John Carten or Loria Porcaro

Excerpts from Letters to the County Board

Excerpts from Letters to the County Board
Over 30 neighbors sent letters opposing up-zoning LV. One letter was signed by 34 households. One letter supported up-zoning. Here are a few of the thoughtful comments. Additional posts based on the letters may be aded in the near future. Hopefully the impressive thought that went into writing these letters will have the desired effect.

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Concerns Grow Over Increasing Urbanization of Rte 29

Concerns Grow Over Increasing Urbanization of Rte 29
Scott McCaffrey writes…
Having seen the “it’s just a work in progress” ruse pulled on others in the past, those concerned about the prospect of major zoning increases in the Lee Highway corridor are getting their objections in front of elected leaders sooner rather than later. Critics have pounced on staff proposals for the North Arlington corridor (recently renamed John Langston Boulevard), which project major increases in land-use options.Sun Gazette

Does Arlington Lack Rental Apartments?

Does Arlington Lack Rental Apartments?
Plan Lee Hwy proponents insist that large swaths of our neighborhoods must be bulldozed for high-rise apartments. Do they offer a convincing explanation why this is true?
● The vacancy rate along the R-B corridor is currently a high 9.7% Costar Data
● Developers are begging the County Board to let them convert empty apartments to hotel rooms ARLnow

Falling Demand for Condos in Arlington

Falling Demand for Condos in Arlington
Despite Plan Lee Hwy’s insistence that LV should be bulldozed for condos, the market says the opposite. Realtor, Eli Tucker, writes:
“Given the tremendous appreciation we’ve seen locally and nationally on prices for single-family homes and townhouses, the mostly unchanged values of condos in Arlington highlights how much the condo market has struggled… There is clearly a flight out of condos by homeowners and investors, and the demand is not high enough to absorb the extra supply, so inventory levels have returned to 2015-2016 levels…” ARLnow

Watch: Special LVCA Meeting on Lee Highway Plan

Watch: Special LVCA Meeting on Lee Highway Plan
County representatives encountered over 100 angry residents at LVCA’s recent virtual meeting on the Lee Hwy Study. The study proposed rezoning all of LV north of 18th St for commercial and high-rise development. Despite it all, we want to thank Paul Holland, Chairman of the Plan Lee Highway Community Forum and Leon Vignes of Arlington County Planning Staff for patiently facing our 2-1/2 hour pummeling.

Intro & Slide Presentation by Paul Holland (20:00)

Initial Questions by LVCA President, John Carten (14:40)
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Shots Fired in Clarendon

Shots Fired in Clarendon
At approximately 1:15AM, police responded to the 2800 block of Wilson Blvd for the report of a shooting. Arriving officers confirmed multiple shots had been fired. A parked vehicle in the 1300 block of N Garfield was struck by two stray rounds. A large group had been involved in a fight at this location prior to the shooting. No injuries related to the shooting have been reported. There is no suspect(s) description at this time. This remains an active criminal investigation. Anyone with information or home surveillance is asked to contact the Arlington Police Department’s Homicide/Robbery Unit at 703-228-4180 or Information may also be reported anonymously through the Crime Solvers hotline at 1-866-411-TIPS (8477). News Release

Clarendon Crowd Sensors Now Active

Clarendon Crowd Sensors Now Active
As previously reported on, sensors have been installed in Clarendon’s 2900 (Filmore-Garfield) block of Wilson Blvd. The program is currently in the “learning phase” for the next 3 months to learn how to effectively collect data WDVM.
  The County stresses that the sensors will not collect any personally identifiable information. The pilot project is expected to last 9 months. If successful its capabilities can be expanded and deployed to other areas.

Clarendon Day Cancelled Again

Clarendon Day Cancelled Again
The Clarendon Alliance announced that for the second year in the row Clarendon Day is cancelled. A compressed production timeline, increased costs, staffing changes, and the ongoing concern of Covid-19 and the delta variant make the viability of an event too risky.
  Clarendon Day has been one of Arlington’s biggest and best loved street festivals, with several music stages, a large kid’s area, arts and crafts vendors, plenty of great food from local and regional restaurants, Craft beers and Virginia wines, business and nonprofit exhibitors from Clarendon and the region and more. ARLnow CA Facebook post

APS Announces Universal Mask Mandate

APS Announces Universal Mask Mandate
All students, staff and visitors, regardless of vaccination status, will be required to wear masks inside APS buildings and on school buses. Arlington, as well as other nearby school districts, are requiring masks because younger children lack access to vaccine and recent CDC reports that vaccinated persons can still be COVID super spreaders. APS Back-to-School Letter Washington Post

APS Relocates Alternative High School in Clarendon to US29

APS Relocates Alternative High School in Clarendon to US29
The New Directions Alternative Program, for students who have trouble in traditional school settings, which is currently located in the Thurgood Marshall Building in Clarendon, is moving to the Langston-Brown Community Center along US29. The building, with its large parking lot, is expected to be redeveloped into one more large, hulking building.

Bus Stop Relocations at Ballston Metro

Bus Stop Relocations at Ballston Metro Starting August 1
Starting on Sun, Aug 1, ART and Metrobus service at the Ballston Metro station will be relocated. Bus stops along Stuart and Stafford will move to the newly opened stops on Fairfax and to temporary stops on the west side of Stuart. Details

Building Proposed at 2025 Clarendon Blvd

Building Proposed at 2025 Clarendon Blvd
Located at Clarendon and Courthouse Rd, just off the east edge of LV, a residential building with some retail is proposed.
● 16 stories (166 feet)
● 231 units (some affordable)
Community input via a single online session is anticipated to be held in Sept.
County Project Page ARLnow story
A nearby new residential building is having trouble renting units and is asking the county to permit conversion of parts of their building to hotel space.

Anemic Fund-Raising for County Board Race

$Anemic Fund-Raising for County Board Race
Reported cash on hand as of June 30:
● $5,301 Takis Karantonis (incumbent)
● $3,286 Audrey Clement (independent)
● $3,025 Mike Cantwell (independent)
● $zero Adam Theo (independent)
The County Board rejected ranked-choice voting for this election, virtually assuring Karantonis’s victory.

Metro Service Extended to 12AM Sun Jul 18

Metro Service Extended to Midnight Sun Jul 18
Metro will expand train service to midnight, 7 days a week, starting Sun, July 18. In Sept service on Fri & Sat nights is expected to start running until 1 AM. Other expected improvements will reduce weekend fares to a flat $2 per trip, increase train frequency, and start Sun service an hour earlier, at 7 AM. News Release

Lee Hwy to Get HOV/Bus Only Lane

Lee Hwy to Get HOV/Bus Only Lane
The County Board voted for a bus-only lane on parts of Route 29 in Rosslyn. This part is so congested that buses are unable to operate reliably during rush hours. The grant will cover pavement treatment, restriping, and signage.
● In the morning the lane will run eastbound from Veitch to Lynn.
● In the evening the lane will run westbound from Oak to Veitch.
● At other times the lane will be a regular travel lane.
Arlington’s highly-efficient DES said the project could take 2 years to implement.
Story at ARLnow

LRPC Meeting on Clarendon Sector Plan Update

LRPC Meeting on Clarendon Sector Plan Update
The Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) of the Planning Commission will hold a virtual meeting on the Clarendon Sector Plan Update on July 27 at 7PM. County planner, Brett Wallace briefed LV residents on the plan in March 2012 March Meeting Recap: Clarendon Development Plans
● The update primarily adds larger buildings (up to 12 stories) south of the tall buildings that already exist or under construction on the southern edge of LV.
● The major concern for LV residents is the proposal to build a convention hotel where the Silver Diner is currently located. This has the potential for significantly increasing cut through traffic in LV.
Clarendon Sector Plan Update Homepage
LRPC Meeting Agenda
Staff Presentation Slides (June 30)

Please Complain About Lee Hwy Plan

Please Complain About the Lee Hwy Plan
County representatives encountered 100* angry residents at LVCA’s recent virtual meeting on the Lee Hwy Study. The study proposed rezoning all of LV north of 18th St for commercial and high-rise development. This, along with other proposals on the south, east, and west would drastically change the character of the little sliver of LV that remained.
  It is extremely important that LV residents, who want to preserve their homes and their neighborhood, contact County officials to signal their opposition. Below there is a sample letter and information about who to contact. Many other problems with the study were voiced by LV residents during the meeting. The the meeting recording is worth a listen or a re-listen (the recording will be posted very soon).Click to Continue Reading…

Citizen Comments on Plan Lee Hwy

Citizen Comments on Plan Lee Hwy
The survey form is very pretty, but seems designed to make comments difficult to submit. Questions are hidden under icons that must be individually found and clicked. Survey questions are “loaded,” offering only limited replies, like a choice between “A” or “B” with no ability to say neither. Written comments require using a novel and confusing method that attaches comments to specific locations on maps and slides. Survey: Land Use Scenario Area 1 & Area 5

With over 100 comments submitted so far from “Area 5 West” (including Lyon Village) all but 4 are strongly against the plan. Here is a sample of some of the comments…Click to Continue Reading…