Washington Blvd-Kirkwood Rd Building Approved

The Arlington County Board approved a plan to replace the 
aging commercial buildings on the northwest corner of 
Washington Blvd and Kirkwood Rd with a seven-story 
apartment building. The site is home to the former Sport & 
Health Club fitness center, two single-story commercial office
buildings, and the Specialty Services auto service building. All 
those buildings will be demolished. The new
 building will have an entry lobby on Washington Boulevard, a tree-
shaded interior courtyard, and an underground 198-space
parking garage.

The Board approved additional density on the 
site for green building certification, on-site affordable housing,
 and off-site utility underground and infrastructure 

Washington Boulevard will be widened to add a parking lane
 along the north side of the street, and the sidewalk along the
 north side of Washington Blvd will be widened to make 
room for a 10-foot sidewalk and a six-foot planting strip with
 street trees. A new north/south alley will be built along the 
site’s western edge, extending from Washington Blvd to
 the northern property line.

The developer will fully reconstruct the traffic signal at Washington Blvd and North Kirkwood
 Rd. The project will also relocate an existing 84-inch storm
sewer, designed to prevent flooding along Washington
 Blvd, adjacent to the site, and to improve storm water