Car Break-Ins Update [Updated]

There is now a low-tech, fast, easy, and cheap ($11 at Amazon) way to break into cars. Leaves no marks. Afterwards it will look like you failed to lock your car.

ACPD posted to NextDoor last night recommending resident vigilance and calling ACPD after incidents.


I suggest that folks clean out their garages (if possible!) to keep their cars off the street. I do not expect there will be any way to defend against this break-in method until car doors get redesigned.

Update 2: Another idea…
Thinking about what people might do to protect their cars. For those who already have a Ring security system setup I’m wondering if they can put a Ring Security Motion Detector (battery powered) next to the dome light in their car. Ring says it “Sends motion-activated notifications to your phone and tablet when connected to the Ring Bridge.” Then quickly call the ACPD.

Ring Security-Motion-Detector

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