Trash Bins: What’s the Law?

The Arlington County Code is available online for all to read.
Problems with trash bins are covered in:
 ● Chapter 10 “Trash, Recycling And Care Of Premises”
  ● Article I. “Residential Trash, Recycling and Organics”
   ● § 10-6. Storage, Removal, and Maintenance
    ● E. Failure to adhere to the storage, removal,
       and maintenance provisions

3. In the event that carts and/or Household Containers are not removed from the Collection Point in the manner and timeframes specified above, then the County may cause such to be removed, and a removal fee of fifty dollars ($50.00) shall be assessed and added to the next Household Solid Waste Rate charge for the property. The County will not undertake any such removal action until the County has posted a notice of violation at the Collection Point or dwelling describing the violation(s) and corrective action(s) required, which shall include a period of twenty-four (24) hours to remedy the violation(s). The twenty-four (24) hour period to remedy may be waived by the County Manager or their designee for reasons of public health or safety or the environment, such as the improper placement of Household Hazardous Material at the Collection Point, disruption of pedestrian or vehicular traffic, or blowing litter.

Link to the Arlington County Code, Chapter 10