Nov 16: County Board Considers E-Scooter Regs

Nov 16: County Board Considers E-Scooter Regs

After receiving staff’s evaluation of the year-long demonstration project, the County Board will hold a public hearing and consider regulations for e-scooters and other shared mobility devices at its Nov 16 Board Meeting.

Board Chair Christian Dorsey said, “the demonstration project clearly showed these devices are serving a need and add another safer, more sustainable travel option than driving a car. We look forward to hearing from the public in November on the Manager’s proposals for regulating these devices in Arlington.”

The staff report found “Scooters appear to improve accessibility, particularly to public transit. About 10 percent of respondents reported using transit more frequently than before, suggesting that the devices help bridge the last-mile gap.”

The proposed revisions include allowing the devices to be used on County streets, sidewalks and multi-use trails and putting in place a permit fee structure for private companies offering the devices. During the pilot program, the devices have been prohibited on County sidewalks.

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