Arlington’s SMD (E-Scooter/E-Bike) Pilot Evaluation Report

Arlington’s SMD (E-Scooter/E-Bike) Pilot Evaluation Report
Arlington’s pilot kicked off in September 2018 with Bird and Lime and is expected to end in December 2019 with seven operators. This report provides the results of the evaluation of the nine-month Arlington County pilot program, including trends in deployment, utilization and feedback from the community to understand Shared Mobility Device (SMD) adoption and system performance. SMD performance was primarily evaluated against Arlington County’s transportation goals as documented in the Master Transportation Plan (MTP), pertaining to increased mobility, accessibility, equity, sustainability and efficient management of transportation options.

Key Highlights:
● SMDs are popular and used mostly for short trips within Arlington County; almost half a million trips in 9 months.
● Users choose SMDs mainly “to get around faster” and because they are “convenient”.
● SMDs complement the County’s transportation ecosystem, increasing mobility and providing sustainability benefits.
● There is room for improving the communication of laws and regulations to the community.
● Concerns over parking and sidewalk clutter remain a challenge.

Main Suggestions In The Report
● Accelerate infrastructure investments to address rider and community safety and comfort concerns.
● Continue working on innovative ways to address parking.
● Create, monitor, and refine equity expectations, go beyond geography.
● Focus on and invest in communicating the rules and regulations to the public, including riders and non-riders.
● Continue monitoring operations and requiring complete and robust data from operators
● Share results and county initiatives with the public, make the integration of SMDs into Arlington an inclusive and interactive conversation.
● Collect or compile more robust data within and outside the SMD program and mandate periodic evaluation of SMD trends.
● Undertake additional research or studies including more detailed analysis of specific issues of interest flagged in the pilot evaluation.

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Arlington County’s Master Transportation Plan (MTP)