Proposed County Budget Slashed

Proposed County Budget Slashed
Arlington expects a $56M drop in revenue due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Arlington Public Schools expect a $21.6M drop.

The revised FY 2021 proposed budget maintains only current levels of service, removes all salary increases, places many projects on hold, uses funds from the Stabilization Reserve, and removes almost every addition proposed. The opening of the Lubber Run Community Center and the Long Bridge Park Fitness & Aquatics Center is delayed until FY 2022.

The budget provides funding for direct life/safety services, such as housing grants, permanent supportive housing, food assistance and other emergency needs. $7.5M is set aside for potential assistance to small businesses and nonprofits, service delivery recovery, employee support, and possible additional shortfalls in revenue.

LV homeowners may still pay more in property taxes due to the rise in LV property assessments.

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