County Adopts Austerity Budget

County Adopts Austerity Budget
The Arlington County Board adopted a $1.3 billion balanced General Fund Budget for FY 2021 that reflects the novel coronavirus’s impact on County revenues. The budget reflects an estimated loss of $56 million in FY 2021 revenue: a reduction of $34 million for County government and $22 million for Arlington Public Schools.

The new budget could not legally increase the previously advertised tax rate, but property tax will still increase for the average homeowner due to rising property values.

The budget largely maintains service levels from the current budget. It includes $10 million in coronavirus-related relief for residents, small businesses, nonprofits and county employees. County employees won’t get raises and a hiring freeze will remain in effect. The opening of the Lubber Run Community Center and Long Bridge Park Aquatics Center is delayed at least a year. The county will use some of its budget reserves to prevent further cuts.

County Board Chair Libby Garvey said, the budget will likely need revision in the coming months.

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