Governor Urges Wearing of Masks

Governor Urges Wearing of Masks
Governor Northam asks that masks be worn in indoor public spaces, including businesses.

“Science shows us that the virus spreads less easily when wearing a face covering,  I’m asking people to do the right thing, to respect one another.”
— Governor Northam

Exceptions include eating, children under 10, and those with health conditions. Face coverings do not take the place of maintaining six feet of physical distancing, increased cleaning and sanitation, and washing hands regularly.

The Virginia Dept. of Health, not police, is responsible for enforcement. Thus no penalty for individuals refusing to wear a mask. Northam hopes a special session of the General Assembly will approve a civil fine for noncompliance.

For now enforcement is left to individual businesses. Businesses refusing to enforce the requirement may have their business license rescinded. Business employees fear violent reactions from sociopaths when told they must wear a mask.

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