Want a COVID Test? DC Will Test Arlingtonians

Want a COVID Test? DC Will Test Arlingtonians (Free & No Referral Needed)
DC is offering free COVID-19 tests to all comers at a walk-thru testing site at Judiciary Square. DC currently has 11 free walk-up testing sites where appointments are not needed. (Appointments are necessary for drive-thru sites.) Days and times vary among test sites. Wait times are reported to be between 25 minutes and 2 hours.

Names, contact information, and addresses will be taken, but no license or proof address. The mayor’s office confirmed that anyone, not just D.C. residents, can get a test at any of the walk-thru sites.

“If you’ve been exposed, you might want to get tested [in between] days three and five,” recommends Dr. Amira Albert Roess. “You might see symptoms develop 2 to 11 days after exposure.” In the meantime, self-quarantine, monitor symptoms, and stay away from anyone who may be at high risk.

It should take 3 to 5 days to get test results.
More Info at dcist
DC’s website: needaTESTgetaTEST.com