Cherrydale Glass Recycling Site Closing

Cherrydale Glass Recycling Site Closing
On Friday, July 10, the glass recycling drop-off bin located at the Cherrydale Library (2190 Military Rd) will be moved to the Madison Community Center (3829 N Stafford St). The new glass recycling drop-off bin will be available starting at 9am on Friday.

The closest recycling drop-off bins to LV will now be the Quincy Park Recycling Drop-Off Center (N Quincy St & Washington Blvd). This is a larger recycling site that accepts a wide variety of recyclables:
 ● Aluminum cans
 ● Cardboard (no size restrictions)
 ● Glass (bottles and jars)
 ● Metal cans
 ● Mixed paper (cardboard, magazines, newspapers, office paper, etc.)
 ● Plastics