COVID-19 Infections Rise in Metro Area

COVID-19 Infections Rise in Metro Area
After more than a month of decline, COVID-19 is increasing in the Washington area. Officials fear a coming spike in infections similar to other parts of the US.

VA Positivity Rises
Virginia’s positivity rate increased from a low 5.8% in late June to 7.7%. Virginia permitted business reopening despite never dropping below the World Health Organization’s 5% threshold. Washington Post

VA Quarantined
MD & VA join the list of states whose residents must quarantine for 14 days when arriving in NY, NJ, & CT. DC residents are not subject to quarantine. WAMU

Arlington “R” in Neutral
Arlington’s infection rate (“R”) has declined in the last 2 weeks to a plateau at 0.98. Back in June “R” was at its lowest: 0.75. An “R” above 1.0 indicates the number of infections is increasing, below 1.0 it is decreasing. Arlington’s “R” has been above 1.0 since early July. COVID Act Now, Arlington Page