APS Elementary School Boundary Proposal 2021

APS Elementary School Boundary Proposal 2021
APS released its initial boundary proposal for school year 2021. About 1,400 elementary students would be reassigned to new school buildings next Fall. The plan incorporates school swaps for the new Reed School in Westover, the Key School near Courthouse becoming a neighborhood school, relocating the Key Spanish immersion program to the ATS building, and the ATS program to the McKinley building.

Most LV Elementary School Children Will Change Schools
● All Taylor students move to to Science Focus
● The two east-most planning units in LV move to the new school at Key
● The remaining middle 3 LV planning units stay at Science Focus
● Over 75% of the current Science Focus students will now attend the new school at Key
● Science Focus will retain only 25% of its current population (including 3 planning units in the middle of LV)

More Lyon Village Kids Will Walk to School
APS plans to implement expanded walk zones. Fewer students will have transportation to elementary school. Details on the walk zones will be announced in the future.

Grandfathering Is Not in the Current Proposal
Grandfathering, permitting students to stay at the school they currently attend to help ease the transition, would certainly reduce stress on students and families. Unfortunately, the proposal is not presently allowing grandfathering due to potential transportation issues: in the current proposal starting in Fall 2021 all students must move. For example, several LV families with about 15 students in the eastern part of LV are upset that their students will be separated from their classmates at Science Focus.

Community Engagement Opportunities
As in the past, this is expected to be a contentions process. APS has been shaking up the community this same way approximately every 3 years: 2013, 2015, 2018, 2021…

The plan is likely to change further as the community engagement period proceeds. The School Board is scheduled to hold a public hearing on Dec 1 and adopt the new boundaries on Dec 3.

There are 2 Virtual Community Meeting with Q&A on October 7 & 14 from 7–8:30 PM and open office hours Oct 16, 17 & 20. Meeting Details

APS Community Questionnaire Survey closes Oct 20

APS Boundary Planning Page

New School Boundary Map