Fall Leaf Collection

Fall Leaf Collection
The County collects and recycles leaves using vacuum trucks, biodegradable bags and green organics carts. Website

Vacuum Collection in Lyon Village
Crews will make 2 passes. Dates are subject to change.
  First Pass: Nov 14-18
  Second Pass: Dec. 5-10

● Bright yellow and orange signs will be posted 2 to 3 days before crews arrive.
● Rake leaves to the curb before the scheduled pick-up week.
● If the vacuum collection schedule doesn’t meet your needs, or if you missed the vacuum pass, bag leaves for the weekly bag collection.

Weekly Leaf Bag Collection
Leaf bags are collected year-round on your regular trash collection day. Use green organics carts or biodegradable bags. Don’t use plastic bags.

Where to Find Leaf Bags
Free bags are available beginning Mon, Nov 2 (while supplies last):
● Bozman Center Information Desk, 2100 Clarendon Blvd, Mon-Fri, 8 AM-5 PM
● Thomas Jefferson: 3501 S 2nd St, Mon-Fri, 8 AM-8 PM; Sat, 8 AM-6 PM
● Langston-Brown CC: 2121 N Culpeper St, Mon-Wed, 9 AM-8 PM, Fri, 9 AM-8 PM, Sat, 9 AM-4 PM
● Solid Waste Bureau: 4300 S 29th St, Mon-Fri, 7 AM-4 PM
● Madison Center: 3829 N Stafford St, Mon-Thu, 7 AM-8 PM, Sat, 9 AM-1 PM
Biodegradable paper leaf bags may also be purchased at most hardware stores.