Where to Get COVID-19

Where to Get COVID-19
On Nov 22 Arlington’s COVID-19 positive test rate was 7.1% (A positive test rate above 5 is considered high). The infection rate was 1.22 (An infection rate above 1.1 is considered high).
  County public health staff interviewed 539 residents diagnosed with COVID-19, identifying sites outside of their homes where they may have been exposed:
 48% going to work
 38% going to one or more restaurants
 17% traveling out of the DMV area
 12% going to a gathering (e.g., wedding, funeral, or party)
 7% going to a gym
To protect against COVID-19 spread, everyone should avoid close contact with people who do not live in their household, wear a mask (cloth face covering), practice social distancing, and frequently and properly wash hands. News Release