DC Clamps Down for Inauguration

DC Clamps Down for Inauguration
Information published here may not be entirely correct. It keeps changing and is not uniformly consistent. The best source is probably the long news release from the Secret Service.

To get updates from DC Government text INAUG2021 to 888-777. DC Traffic on Twitter DC Inauguration Website

DC is locking down near the Capitol, White House & National Mall. Crews have begun installing barriers. Cars parked in restricted zones after 8AM Thursday may be stuck there until after Jan 20.

Red streets closed to all vehicles & parking Jan 18 noon to Jan 23 1AM. Green streets restricted to local residents or businesses and closed to parking from Jan 19 7AM to Jan 21 1AM.

The following streets are closed through Jan 20:

  • Constitution Av, between 1st St NW & 2nd St NE;
  • Independence Av, between Washington Av SW & 2nd St SE;
  • First St, between Constitution Av & Independence Av;
  • East Capitol St NE, between 1st St & 2nd St
  • 18th St at Constitution Av, NW
  • 17th St at Independence Av, SW
  • 11th St at Independence Av, SW
  • 12th St at Independence Av, SW
  • 7th St at Madison Dr, NW
  • 7th St at Jefferson Dr, SW
  • 12th St Tunnel northbound, between I-395/Southwest Freeway & Constitution Av;
  • I-395/3rd St Tunnel northbound ramp to D St NW/US Senate (Exit 9);
  • K St NW both ways between 20th & 13th St;
  • Massachusetts Av NW both ways between Observatory Circle & Whitehaven St; southbound travelers must turn onto 34th St;
  • 14th St SW both ways between Independence Av & K St NW.

Capitol Hill: Streets will be closed to all vehicle traffic and parking from Jan  19 at 11PM until the inaugural parade’s conclusion at approximately 5PM.

Lincoln Memorial: The Lincoln Memorial will be the site of the “Make America Great Again” concert on Jan 19. Streets will closed to all vehicle traffic from 5AM to 7PM on Jan 19. Parking restrictions start Jan 18 at 10PM.

Union Station: Closed to all vehicle traffic from noon to 11PM on Jan 19. Parking will be restricted between Jan 19 at 1PM and Jan 20 at 1AM.

Washington Convention Center: Closed to all vehicle traffic from 10AM to 11PM on Jan 20 for the official inaugural balls. Vehicle traffic restricted to residents or businesses within the area. Parking restrictions run from Jan 19 at 6AM to Jan 22 at 9AM.

National Cathedral: Closed to all vehicle traffic and parking from 7:30AM to noon on Jan 21 for the Presidential Inaugural Prayer Service.