Aurora Highlands Residential Parking Objections

Aurora Highlands Residential Parking Objections
From AHCA January newsletter…
“Residential Parking Program (RPP) Update & Membership Vote”
“Our on-street parking will likely be changing, which could have impacts across our neighborhood. See this chart for a summary: chart-jan. The proposed changes to the RPP were reviewed by the County Board in December and recommended to be voted on in February. Based on the November AHCA meeting and feedback from residents, AHCA has voiced concerns to the County about reducing the number of passes, implementing 2-hour paid parking without enforcement leading to a return of commuter issues and traffic, and the general lack of analysis and review to react if and when problems arise.”

“Residents are requesting a stronger stance from AHCA and will be presenting a motion at the Jan 13 meeting requesting that AHCA formally oppose 1) Any 2-hour paid parking 2) Any reduction in passes 3) Changing the wording in 14.2-98 on the intent of the program.”

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