RPP Hearing Needs Your Voices (Updated)

RPP Hearing Needs Your Voices (Updated)
The County is proposing changes to the Residential Permit Parking Program (Zone 6 for Lyon Village). The proposed changes will make the program less effective for Lyon Village and much harder to enforce. The proposed changes declare the current Purpose and Intent of the RPP to be “secondary benefits” and seek to substitute a primary purpose to “manage parking demand.”

Without a vigorous response from Residents these changes will likely be accepted by the County Board with little consideration of the negative impact on Residents. Please send your comments to the County Board and please let us know by sending a CC of your emails to RPP@LyonVillage.org

Background Information
RPP Presentation: Jan 11 2021 by Andy Rude (PDF)
LVCA Letter to County Planning Commission(PDF)
Current Ordinance (PDF) Scroll down to Article VIII, 12.2-98
Full Text of County RPP Proposal Draft (PDF)
Residential Permit Parking (LVCA General Meeting Recap)

Planning Commission Hearing of Feb 8
The Planning Commission met to consider RPP on Feb 8. The 3-1/2 hour marathon session got bogged down in minutia and gave short shrift to many issues raised by residents and neighborhood associations, including LVCA.
● A staff presentation and statements by residents and neighborhood associations, including LVCA, occupied the first hour.
● The Commission spent an hour debating the allotment of parking permits based on whether households have driveways/garages or not: 2 permits for those with and 4 for those without.
● The Commission spent an hour debating whether parking in restricted zones should be available to anyone for 2-hours upon payment of a fee using an online app. This was accepted subject to evaluation on a block-by-block basis and if minimal enforcement was provided.
● One good idea coming from the hearing was their realization that Arlington is full of special situations so the one-size-fits-all approach taken by the RPP revision is not appropriate. Unfortunately, though discussed, it was not reflected in their final resolution.
Watch Meeting Video
Final Planning Commission Resolution on RPP
Story at ARLnow

County Board will meet about RPP Sat, Feb 20 at 8:30AM
Letters must submitted to the County Board no later than noon on the Wednesday before the Saturday Regular Meeting to be posted online with the agenda.
To comment on these changes, contact the County Board members:
● Matt de Ferranti, Chairman, Arlington County Board
Email: MdeFerranti@Arlingtonva.us
● Katie Cristol, Vice Chair, Arlington County Board
Email: KCristol@arlingtonva.us
● Christian Dorsey, Member, Arlington County Board
Email: CDorsey@arlingtonva.us
● Takis P. Karantonis, Member, Arlington County Board
Email: TKarantonis@arlingtonva.us
● Libby Garvey, Member, Arlington County Board
Email: LGarvey@arlingtonva.us
● General County Board Email
Email: CountyBoard@arlingtonva.us
County Board Members (webpage)
Watch Live Board Meetings and Past Meetings

● Stephen Crim, Parking Manager, Arlington County

Email: SCrim@Arlingtonva.us
Our experience is that Mr. Crim does not expeditiously respond to emails

County Board Virtual Open Door Mondays
Open Door Mondays offer Arlingtonians an opportunity to speak one-on-one, or in small groups, with a County Board Member in an informal setting. Two opportunities before the Board meets: Feb 8 & 15. Must sign up online starting 8AM of the previous Tuesday.
The Open Door Monday registration form is active from 8AM each Tuesday to the following Monday of the ODM session at 5PM. Upon submitting your registration, further instructions and meeting details will be emailed to you.
● Feb 8 7-9PM RSVP (online form)
● Feb 15 7-9PM RSVP (online form)