Suggested Resident Letter About RPP

Suggested Resident Letter About RPP
The following letter may assist LV residents in voicing opposition to the proposed changes to the RPP.

The County is proposing changes to the Residential Permit Parking Program (Zone 6 for Lyon Village). The proposed changes will make the program less effective for Lyon Village and much harder to enforce. The proposed changes declare the current Purpose and Intent of the RPP to be “secondary benefits” and seek to substitute a primary purpose to “manage parking demand.”

County Board will meet about RPP Sat, Feb 20 at 8:30AM
Letters must submitted to the County Board no later than noon on the Wednesday before the Saturday Regular Meeting to be posted online with the agenda.
To comment on these changes, contact the County Board members:
● Matt de Ferranti, Chairman, Arlington County Board
● Katie Cristol, Vice Chair, Arlington County Board
● Christian Dorsey, Member, Arlington County Board
● Takis P. Karantonis, Member, Arlington County Board
● Libby Garvey, Member, Arlington County Board
● General County Board Email

Sample Letter

Dear County Board Member :

The current Permit Parking Program (RPP) has been successful in protecting our streets from commuter and other parking. It has helped to reduce traffic in residential neighborhoods and has contributed to pedestrian safety and improved quality of the environment. The proposed changes to the plan go against all of the stated goals of the program.

A serious problem with the proposed changes to the RPP is allowing two-hour paid parking in all restricted parking zones. This is particularly egregious without having a transparent means in place to enforce the paid parking limit. Arlington County staff has indicated that the County would be unable to enforce it. Once the word gets out that the County can’t enforce two hour paid parking, people will forgo paying to park in the commercial areas and head for the neighborhoods. Residents across the county would be irate when they see people parked on neighborhood streets for long periods of time and with no means to have it enforced.

Many of our streets are narrow and not designed to be full of parked cars. Space is needed for cars to pass each other; the neighbors know this and park accordingly. If instead these streets are full of parked cars it will be harder to drive on those streets creating unsafe conditions for pedestrians, bikes and cars and for Emergency vehicles responding to calls. This is a safety issue.

Providing additional parking would also further promote use of motorized vehicles, greenhouse gases emissions, and handicap the county’s efforts to promote a “no car diet” and alternative forms of transportation.

Neighborhoods in Arlington are different. What works in one neighborhood may not work in another. The “one size fits all” approach taken in the proposed revisions to the RPP will not work in all locations.

I urge the County Board to vote no on the proposed changes to the Residential Permit Parking Plan.

Thank you for your consideration.