Most RPP Changes Approved by County Board

Most RPP Changes Approved by County Board
The County Board, in a session lasting over 2 hours, approved an overhaul of the County’s popular Residential Permit Parking (RPP) Program despite numerous objections from residents and civic associations. Letters from a dozen civic associations were received with only one expressing broad support. Letters from over 100 residents were also received. Unfortunately the County Board failed to publish any resident’s letters; 23 resident’s letters in opposition were CC’d to LVCA.

The Board voted unanimously to adopt most of the unpopular revisions. Changes will go into effect in April; current permits and passes expire July 1.

The LVCA Board thanks all residents and officers of civic associations who sent letters and testified about RPP to the County Board. Hopefully there will be future opportunities to correct the problems these changes create.

Community Wins
● Paid 2-hour parking by anyone rejected
● Existing RPP locations & hours unchanged
● More households eligible to apply for RPP

Community Losses
● Limit households with driveways to 2 permits
● Potential permit price increase to cover full cost of program (may double)
● Grant permit eligibility to many kinds of non-residents
● Low-cost all-zones permits for developers
● Exempts car-share vehicles from all RPP restrictions (24-hour limit)
● Street must be an absurd 85% full to apply for RPP (was 75%)
● Petition must be signed by an absurd 80% of street residents (was 60%)
● Unclear ability to make adjustments as congestion problems increase
● Offloads private costs (developers, bars, etc.) onto the community
● No consideration of other means to solve purported parking problems
● Poor community outreach to review proposal accepted by Board
● Refusal to meet with civic associations to review proposal accepted by Board
● Discarding of most “social and environmental” RPP objectives
● Open RPP to legal challenge by discarding SCOTUS protection

County News Release
Letters from Civic Associations
Video of County Board Meeting RPP starts at 51:00