More Cuts Threatened By Metro

More Cuts Threatened By Metro
WMATA’s proposed budget threatens to close up to 22 MetroRail stations, including Clarendon, Virginia Square, Arlington Cemetery and East Falls Church. Metro also proposes to cut train schedules to just 2 trains per hour all day long and shut down daily at 9PM. Bus service would be halved with many lines consolidated or eliminated. The 38B, which runs through Clarendon, would be eliminated. Metro Proposal

VA & MD Senators Offer WMATA $350M With Strings Attached
The Metro Safety, Accountability and Investment Act of 2021 introduced by US Senators Warner, Kaine, Cardin and Van Hollen would reauthorize for the next 10 years $150 million per year of Federal funds and $50 million in matching funds each from VA, MD, & DC.

The bill would also authorize an additional $50 million per year contingent on a series of safety, oversight, and governance reforms.

● Further empowering the Office of Inspector General.
● Establish a Track Safety Task Force.
● Establish a Bus Safety Task Force.
● Improve capital planning to align projects to strategic goals and develop total project costs, alternatives for all major capital projects and improved asset management.
● Establish a process to identify and reduce cybersecurity risks.
● Integration of wireless and emergency communication networks.
● Reinforce restrictions on the activities of alternate WMATA Board members.
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