Major Affordable Housing Project in LV

Major Affordable Housing Project in LV
At at emergency County Board meeting held virtually in the early hours of Thu, Apr 1, the Board approved acquisition of the now-decommissioned Ever Given container ship for an undisclosed amount. The Ever Given is one of the largest container ships in the world and the subject of media attention as it blocked the Suez Canal for a week.
  Plans are to convert shipping containers aboard the ship into affordable housing units. Container homes can cost half as much per square foot as traditional construction. Organizations around the world have been embracing shipping containers to economically create housing for low-income populations.

  The Ever Given has a capacity of 20,000 containers. It is estimated this would comfortably accommodate at least 1,000 housing units with below-decks parking for 1,500 vehicles.
  Project location is the the south side of Lee Hwy stretching from Adams to Danville. The area is zoned RA8-18, a zoning designation the Board is expected to modify at its April 17 meeting to permit “bonus” height for affordable housing developments. The Ever Given would be the County’s first such project.

  The LVCA is expected to develop a stand on this matter. Based on recent interactions with the County, resistance is expected to be futile. Discover Containers website Ever Given Every Where