May 22 E-CARE Recycling Event Resumes

E-CARE Recycling Event Resumes
When: Sat, May 22 at 8:30AM–3:00PM
Where: 1425 N Quincy (across from Washington-Liberty High School)
Note: List of accepted items has changed
Arlington residents can dispose of household hazardous materials. Business and commercial waste will not be accepted. Bring ID to verify residency. Current instructions have some contradictions, expect future clarifications. E-CARE Details
Residents should wear masks and stay in their vehicles. Make unloading simple by clearing trunks of items you do not want to recycle. Pack your vehicle in reverse order of E-CARE drop-off: electronics first, hazardous materials next, then last (closest to the outside) metals and non-repairable bicycles.
Items Not Accepted: Nonhazardous trash will not be accepted. Small metal items will not be accepted (see alternatives below). Bikes for the World will not be accepting bikes to be sent abroad.
Easy Disposal Alternatives: Small metal items:pots, pans, tools, pipes, venetian blinds, small appliances and metal items can be put out on residential trash day (Wed in LV). County now asks us to schedule such disposal, like tossing out a kitchen pot. Are they kidding?
  The County will pick up many bulky items like sofas, mattresses, box springs, futons or home construction debris curbside on residential trash day (Wed in LV) without a pickup request.
   Metal items (large and small) and appliances (TVs, air conditioners, cabinets, exercise equipment) need to be requested. Large items now have a $10 pickup fee. Old-style computer screens have $15 or $20 fees. Pickup Details
Request Pickups online or by calling 703-228-5000 M–F from 7AM–7PM.
  The county has a great online guide with detailed instructions for specific items (some recent changes seem questionable/contradictory): How to Dispose Your Item