May 26 County Poll: New County Logo

County Poll: New County Logo
The County Board voted to replace the current County logo and seal, which depict Arlington House, the Lee Mansion. Some County residents objected to the current logo as a symbol representing slavery. A panel of community members developed several logo concepts from over 250 suggestions submitted by the community.
  The County is now holding a preference poll among 5 options. In typical anti-democratic fashion, the poll requires approval of at least one of the 5 options and does not offer options for “None of the Above,” “Other,” or “Keep the Current Logo.” However, there is a box for comments. Deadline to vote is May 26. Vote Here Note that the results of several recent naming polls were subsequently ignored by the Powers. The County Board will make their final decision in June.

Much Dissatisfaction With Proposed New County Logos
The County has many professionals in design, marketing, public relations, etc. who are reacting with horror to the proposed logo choices and the apparent failure to properly manage the process.
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