Should County & APS Boards Be Full-Time Jobs?

Should County & APS Boards Be Full-Time Jobs?
Among the chaff that is so much of reader comments, occasionally an important idea emerges. Chris Slatt recently wrote:
  “Being effective at holding a full-time, professional bureaucracy accountable isn’t just a full-time job, it’s a full-time job that requires at least one or two full-time policy aides at your disposal.
  ”In the face of a phalanx of full-time professional staff with a powerpoint deck full of data about why this is the right decision, the Board is only able to fire back with something akin to “this doesn’t seem right” because they don’t have the time or the resources to do their own research to find the 100 deep-seated flaws in staff’s data.
  ”If we want our elected officials to be independent overseers, we need them there full-time, we need to pay better than median income for the area, and we need to equip them with a smart, well-paid staff of their own that is not beholden to the bureacracy.”
— found in the comments at ARLnow