Dangerous By Design

Dangerous By Design
The Dangerous By Design 2021 report illustrates dangers with a diagram that looks remarkably like LV’s intersection at Lee & Kirkwood.

1. Speed, the number one factor in pedestrian fatalities, as high-speed traffic arrives from I66 and Spout Run Parkway.
2. Wide lanes that encourage faster driving.
3. A “slip” lane, designed to keep vehicles from needing to slow down when making the right-hand turn from Lee onto Spout Run Parkway.
4. Wide corners that create long crossing distances for pedestrians.
5. Long distances between intersections encourage faster driving speeds.
6. No crosswalk with shopping destinations located directly opposite one another encourage pedestrians to cross unsafely to avoid walking far out of their way to cross.

This intersection also has a hazard not on the Report’s list: a building set too close to the curb at the south-west corner obstructing the view of the pedestrian crossing by high-speed traffic traveling east on Lee.