Does the World Have Room for Phil?
(Plan Lee Hwy Says No)

Does the World Have Room for Phil? (Plan Lee Hwy Says No)
Sadly, the Rod+Reel store already has a sign in the window “Business for Sale.”

One of many 5 star Google reviews…
I don’t know where to begin describing how happy I am with this place! I’ve had an unbelievably destructive fishing season that culminated with me breaking the handle on one of my Loomis rods and the frame of a Garcia MGX mounted on it. I was devastated, absolutely devastated.
  Out of desperation I googled rod and reel repair in the area and Phil’s shop was the first place that popped up. I never would have believed a place like this exists in our area. I checked the reviews and they were all five star.
  I called Phil, explained what happened and he told me to bring it by so he could have a look. I really didn’t think much could be done. I thought it was totaled, but I took the combo and another Revo that had been submerged for over an hour(I mean really destructive season) on over to Phil. He took a quick look, gave me a claim check and a date and told me he’d have everything fixed no problem.
  The longest part of the process was Phil getting parts delivered. After getting the parts Phil had my equipment in perfect working order in one business day. I just found it incredible because when I say I totaled that rod and reel, I really believed I had. He even called me because he thought the pricing on the parts was too high. When people leaving reviews say Phil is honest and his pricing is great, they aren’t exaggerating. I don’t want to sound cynical, but I don’t run across incredible honesty and talent like Phil’s much anymore.
  To sum it up: Talking to Phil took me back in time to my childhood. It was like talking to my Grandad or one of his friends in one of their shops in small town America in the 70’s. He is incredibly knowledgeable, talented and fair. His shop is a time capsule. Any person who fishes enough is bound to have a bad day every now and again and Phil can help you out. If you do have one of those days, go see Phil. Talk to him a bit. Stay awhile. I can’t say enough good things about him. We’re lucky to have him in this area. Thank you Phil! By the way, park across the street at the Safeway.