Metro Clamps Down for Inauguration

Metro Clamps Down for Inauguration
Metro will close 13 stations: 11 on Friday and 2 on Saturday. Stations will remain closed until Friday morning. Trains will pass through the closed stations without stopping. Beginning Friday and continuing for 6 days trains will operate on a Saturday schedule: every 15 minutes, except every 12 minutes on the Red Line.
On Jan 16 (Sat) Metro Center & Gallery Place will also close.
  Buses on 26 routes will detour around the security perimeter from Fri to Thur. Buses will operate normal service on weekdays and weekends, except on Jan 20 buses will operate on a Saturday schedule. News Release

RPP Hearing Scheduled for Feb 20

RPP Hearing Scheduled for Feb 20
The Residential Permit Parking Program (RPP) Review project has been assessing the purpose and function of Arlington’s RPP program, considering the program’s efficiency, user experience, and fairness. It is the first major review of the RPP in over 10 years.

Public Hearing Re-Scheduled to Feb 20
To give residents more time to respond the County Board has re-scheduled a public hearing on RPP from Jan 23 to Sat, Feb 20. Board members said they are open to pushing off the hearing further to engage more people and give residents more time to consider the changes.

LVCA Opposes Unrestricted Two-Hour Paid Parking
LVCA’s RPP Survey of LV residents held Nov 2018 indicated strong support (98%) for the existing RPP. LVCA’s review of the proposed changes identified one serious problem: permitting 2-hour paid parking in restricted residential zones. LVCA is opposing that one element of the proposed RPP revision. The problems LVCA sees with 2-hour paid parking include:
● It provides no effective enforcement, making it likely to be abused.
● It will likely increase traffic in residential neighborhoods.
● It will likely clog residential neighborhoods with commuter parking, a problem the RPP was originally created to prevent.
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