Lyon Village Zoned Parking Survey

The Lyon Village Citizens Association (LVCA) developed a survey to help capture LV residents’ opinions about zoned parking in November 2018. The survey found much interest and concern among Lyon Village residents about the issue of Zoned Parking. This concern is further reflected by the extensive comments made by respondents. These are the results of the survey.

Great support for RPP: 98%
Does your street currently have Zoned Parking?

Worry that RPP will be eliminated or reduced: 89%
Are you concerned that the study/forum will result in a recommendation to remove or reduce Zoned Parking in Lyon Village?

Few think streets should be a free for all: 3%
Some people note that they see many empty Zoned Parking spaces that they cannot use. They say that Arlington streets are public and thus parking should not be restricted. Do you agree?

Most disagree with reducing parking requirements on developers: 83%
Some people have complained that the recent parking reductions will result in “spillover” traffic (from drivers looking for a free parking space) and fewer parking spaces near single-family homes. Are you concerned about spillover traffic?

Most worry that more parking will make “yield streets” impassable: 81%
Eliminating RPP would require extensive street widening throughout Lyon Village.
Many streets in Lyon Village are “Yield Streets” where current parking does not provide room for two-way traffic on the street. Cars must pull over to an empty section of the street to let other cars pass. Are you concerned that reducing restrictions will make Yield Streets more difficult?

Most think the County should arrange for more free/low cost parking: 82%
Some think the County should not do anything to encourage driving: 12%
Restaurants and other destination retail near Lyon Village are important community assets. However, those that are 1,000 feet from Metrorail have no parking requirement, which makes our adjacent neighborhood streets attractive to their patrons. Do you think: