July 4 Parade and Picnic

A great tradition continues! We hope you will decorate your bikes/scooters/strollers/walkers or even yourselves and join us for our July 4th parade and picnic on Tuesday, July 4, 2017.

The parade will begin promptly at 11:00am at the corner of Key Blvd. and Highland Streets. Line up on 17th Street, just off of Highland Street starting at 10:30am. Included in the parade will be antique cars, and police and fire vehicles. If you would like to drive your antique car in the parade, please email John Carten at GJCarten at verizon dot net.

The parade will head down Key Blvd. to Edgewood St., where it will turn left to continue along Edgewood to Lyon Village Park. At the park there will be a variety of picnic items for sale.

As always, we need volunteers to help with picnic setup, food prep and sales, clean-up, and someone to be Uncle Sam for the parade and carry the Lyon Village banner. To volunteer, please email Ruth Boyer O'Dea at lvchevents at gmail dot com or call 703-338-2277. Or sign up directly: