Cornhole Tournament, Feb 24, 3pm

Arlington Cornhole and the Lyon Village Citizens Association will be hosting a cornhole tournament on Saturday, February 24 to benefit the upcoming Lyon Village Community House remodel. The tournament will be held at the Community House, play will begin at 3pm, we'll be open at 2:30pm for people that want to come early and hang out with their neighbors or throw some bags socially.

  • The entrance fee is $30 for a team of 2 (that's $15 each, but you register as one team, not individually).
  • There will be 5 boards going for tournament games through the end of the first round of games, thereafter, we will begin opening up boards for social games until the end of the event.
  • Beer, wine, and food will be available there, but are not included with the registration fee.
  • If the field fills up to our capacity, the winning team will win somewhere north of $400, second place over $100, and we'll raise over $1000 for the renovation of the Community House.
  • Please register here, and don't forget to blast this out to fellow cornhole or Lyon Village enthusiasts who might be interested!
  • Any questions should be directed to Tony Abreu: tony at arlingtoncornhole dot com

We're looking forward to hosting you all in a month's time!