LV Prowler (Video)

Caught on video, this guy is simply walking around Lyon Village in the middle of the night trying doors. No burglar tools, just looking for someone who forgot to lock up. Keeping lights on all night does not seem to bother him. Security cameras are typically mounted too high to get a clear shot of his face and do not take very clear pictures in low light.

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Composting Organics & Food Scraps

Composting Organics & Food Scraps
Composting is a wonderful way to reduce disposal of organic kitchen, garden or yard waste, and it creates a rich soil amendment that’s a natural for gardens. Save time bagging leaves, cut grass and kitchen trimmings by tossing them into a compost bin.

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$200 Additional Speeding Fine

$200 Additional Speeding Fine
The Arlington County Board voted unanimously to establish a $200 additional speeding fine zone for residential neighborhoods that meet certain criteria. The move came in response to complaints from residents about speeding and pedestrian safety. The current $80 fine would jump to $280.

To qualify for the designation, a road must be in a residential area; must be classified as a neighborhood principal, minor arterial or major arterial street on the County’s road classification map and must have a documented speeding issue.

Once a road is found to qualify, a “$200 Additional Speeding Fine” sign will be attached to the speed limit signs along the road to alert drivers. The fine will be added to the current fine for speeding in a residential neighborhood, which is $6 for every mile-per-hour above the 25 miles-per-hour speed limit (plus the state-mandated $66 in court fees). The County Manager said staff will widely communicate the new fine.

County Board Chair Libby Garvey said that speeding fines are just one of many methods the County uses to make streets across Arlington safe for all who use them, including protected bike lanes; signage; traffic signals; enforcement campaigns, and the Vision Zero traffic safety strategy, adopted by the Board in July 2019.

To learn more about transportation safety in Arlington, visit the County website

County Government To Go 80% Solar by 2022

County Government To Go 80% Solar by 2022

County Board voted unanimously to acquire 80% of its electricity from a Dominion Energy solar farm in southern Virginia, Pittsylvania County.

This exceeds the County’s Community Energy Plan goal of having at least 50% of the electricity for County operations come from renewable sources by 2022.

The agreement does not require any capital funding or upfront costs from the County. Over time, this agreement is expected to be cost neutral. The project will have no impact on customer rates.

Arlington County is purchasing output from nearly one-third of a solar farm; and, under a separate agreement, Amazon is purchasing the remainder of the output from the same project.

For more details see County press release

6 Democrats Announce for School Board

Two new School Board members will be elected at the Nov 3 general election because the two incumbent School Board members, Tannia Talento and Nancy Van Doren, are not running for reelection. The latest candidate to announce is Steven Krieger.

The updated list of candidates is:

● Symone Walker website

● Cristina Diaz-Torres website

● David Priddy website

● Sandy Munnell website

● Terron Sims website

● Steven Krieger website

More about Arlington Democrats candidates website

Video of 5 candidates at the Arlington County Democratic Committee meeting

The Arlington GOP website is not presently showing any candidates.

LV Residential Property Values Rise

The average home value for LV detached homes will increase about 6% (vs. 4.3% county wide). This is about triple the current rise in the CPI. About 85 percent of county residential property owners will see their assessed value go up.

Assessments were mailed to Arlington property owners on Jan 17 or can be viewed online.

The majority of County revenues come from the real estate tax (57% in 2019).

Arlington’s Recycled Glass Made Into Bottles

Arlington’s Recycled Glass Made Into Bottles
Glass coming from dedicated collection bins in Arlington, Alexandria, and Fairfax County has been of sufficiently high quality that, in addition to being crushed and used as construction materials, some is now going to a processing facility and is being recycled into new glass products, like bottles.

Glass-to-glass recycling uses less energy than making bottles from original material, reduces carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, and supports hundreds of jobs.

Press Release

Free Tax Preparation Services

Free Tax Preparation Services
When: Jan 31-April 15
Where: Various locations (click button below)

The Department of Human Services has partnered with tax experts who will prepare your taxes for free.

On certain days of the week, people with low or moderate incomes can visit local tax clinics for free tax preparation services sponsored by the Department of Human Services, AARP Foundation, and Community Tax Aid, Inc.

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Malicious Wounding: 900 block of N. Jackson Street

MALICIOUS WOUNDING: 900 block of N. Jackson Street.
At approximately 2:37 a.m. on January 18, police were dispatched to the report of trouble unknown. Upon arrival, it was determined that a dispute between multiple subjects inside of a business moved outside, escalated and became physical. The suspects stole the victim’s jacket and phone, entered a vehicle and attempted to flee, striking two additional victims. The parties became reengaged in the dispute and a suspect struck the vehicle with a metal pole, causing damage. The victims sustained minor injuries which did not require medical treatment. The investigation is ongoing. 2020-01180044

Water Problems: Flooding & Wet Basements

A new section about about water problems has been added to the link list (near the bottom of the column of links). Links to resources range from flooding to wet basements. The County provides a surprising amount of practical information to assist citizens. Definitely worth checking out before spending money on contractors.

This is a permanent feature of

Also included are links about redevelopment. Single family home redevelopment is the largest source of new stormwater runoff and pollution from all building activity in Arlington. A Land Disturbing Activity/Stormwater permit is required if construction disturbs land area of 2,500 square feet or more. Permit requirements help protect neighbors from impacts of increased runoff from new or expanded homes. Its good to know what is required.

Water Problems

Flooding Home Page

Flooding Story Map

Stormwater at Home

StormwaterWise Landscapes

Home Flood Proofing

Reducing Flooding Risk

Stormwater for Homeowners Webinar

Stormwater Management Ordinance

County Plans Bus/HOV Lane on Lee Hwy

County Plans Bus/HOV Lane on Lee Hwy

Under the plan curb lanes would be bus/HOV only eastbound from N Veitch to N. Lynn during AM peak and westbound from N Oak to N Veitch during PM peak. This section of Lee Hwy is 3 lanes wide in each direction and highly congested during peak hours. This makes it difficult for buses to maintain schedule.

More details at ARLNow