County to Develop Vision Zero Action Plan

The Vision Zero Action Plan will include strategies to make travel safer for everyone: walking, driving, biking, scootering, or taking public transit.

The project team is hosting a drop-in meeting to share more information about Vision Zero, discuss draft Vision Zero goals, and hear about your priorities for the future of safe transportation in Arlington County.

When: Jan 28, 5-8 PM
Where: Washington-Liberty High School Cafeteria, 1301 N Stafford St

Successful Start To Arlington’s Glass Recycling Drop-Off Program

Successful Start To Arlington’s Glass Recycling Drop-Off Program

More than 1 million pounds of glass was collected for recycling in less than nine months.

Nearest dropoff for LV is Cherrydale Branch Library.

Glass material collected in the drop-off bins is sent to Fairfax for reuse as roadbed aggregate, pipe bedding in wastewater and storm improvement projects, and other construction uses.

County Seeks Citizen Input on 2021 Budget

Key periods for citizen input:
November-December 2019: Provide online input to the County Manager as he begins developing his Proposed FY 2021 Budget to send to the County Board in February.
Provide Your Early Input on the FY 2021 Budget

January-February 2020: Provide input as the County Manager develops the Proposed FY 2021-2030 CIP to send to the County Board in May.
February-April 2020: Provide feedback to the County Board about the proposed budget.
May-July 2020: Provide feedback to the County Board about the proposed CIP.

Arlington real estate assessments are expected to rise by as much as 4% beginning in January which means property taxes could rise by 4% even without an increase in the tax rate.

Keep up with the latest budget and CIP news and information and opportunities to participate in the budget process at

Budger Season Timeline

Survey: County Utility Rates

The County is conducting a utility rate study to review the way costs are recovered for water and wastewater services.

This includes a brief survey on the values behind the rate structure that are important to residents. On the survey page you can select different “Community Values” that lead to short questionnaires. You can select one or more of the “Community Values” that align closest to your values and respond to the accompanying questionnaires.

Survey Page

You can also visit the Water & Wastewater 101 Resource page to get basic information on the County’s water and wastewater services and rates.

Project Page

Virginia Hospital Center Now Trauma Center

Virginia Hospital Center has begun a soft roll out of its trauma surgery service and is staffed as a Level II Trauma Center. VHC will be able to provide care close to home for many patients who otherwise would have had to be transported to Inova Fairfax or George Washington University Hospitals. For the first couple of months the most dire cases will continue to be brought to GW or Inova Fairfax.

2020 Census

Work for the Census
The US Department of Commerce’s Bureau of the Census is hiring hundreds of people temporarily in Arlington and the rest of northern Virginia over the next few months to help carry out the Census. The principal position available is that of Enumerator. The pay is good ($25-$27.50/hour in Arlington) and the hours are flexible.

For more information and to apply, please visit

The Census is Important to Arlington
There are many good reasons to ensure that Census participation is as complete as possible. The results impact Congressional representation and federal funding for education, healthcare, infrastructure, and other areas.

Your Census Information is Confidential
Personally Identifiable Information (PII) collected by the Census is confidential under Title 13 of the US Code. It is illegal to share Personally Identifiable Information with other government agencies or any other entity or person.

More Amendments to County Zoning Ordinance Proposed

The south edge of Lyon Village is in the Clarendon Revitalization District…

ZOA-2020-01: An ordinance to amend, reenact, and recodify ACZO Articles 7 & 12 to permit the establishment of assisted living facilities, independent care living facilities, nursing homes, and continuing care retirement communities in the C-3 zoning district to enable their establishment within the Clarendon Revitalization District as shown on the General Land Use Plan, and for other reasons required by public necessity, convenience, general welfare, and good zoning practice.

Map of Clarendon Revitalization District
Map of Clarendon Revitalization District

Map from Clarendon Sector Plan 2006 page 170

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Recent Amendments to County Zoning Ordinance

County Expands Areas for Elder Care Facilities

Recent Amendments to County Zoning Ordinance

Recent Amendments to County Zoning Ordinance

● ZOA-2019-09: Allowing assisted living facilities in four new zoning districts and nursing homes in one new district
● ZOA-2019-10: Updating standards under which incentive zoning provisions can be used by development applicants to exceed maximum height and density requirements when the applicant makes commitments to affordable housing, community facilities, transportation infrastructure, or similar community priorities
● ZOA-2019-11: Allowing assisted living facilities and similar elder care uses in an additional 14 zoning districts, along with changes to zoning definitions and updates to parking requirements for elder care uses

See details at the Zoning Ordinance Amendments website

See plans for future zoning changes