County Government To Go 80% Solar by 2022

County Government To Go 80% Solar by 2022

County Board voted unanimously to acquire 80% of its electricity from a Dominion Energy solar farm in southern Virginia, Pittsylvania County.

This exceeds the County’s Community Energy Plan goal of having at least 50% of the electricity for County operations come from renewable sources by 2022.

The agreement does not require any capital funding or upfront costs from the County. Over time, this agreement is expected to be cost neutral. The project will have no impact on customer rates.

Arlington County is purchasing output from nearly one-third of a solar farm; and, under a separate agreement, Amazon is purchasing the remainder of the output from the same project.

For more details see County press release

Survey: County Utility Rates

The County is conducting a utility rate study to review the way costs are recovered for water and wastewater services.

This includes a brief survey on the values behind the rate structure that are important to residents. On the survey page you can select different “Community Values” that lead to short questionnaires. You can select one or more of the “Community Values” that align closest to your values and respond to the accompanying questionnaires.

Survey Page

You can also visit the Water & Wastewater 101 Resource page to get basic information on the County’s water and wastewater services and rates.

Project Page

Arlington’s SMD (E-Scooter/E-Bike) Pilot Evaluation Report

Arlington’s SMD (E-Scooter/E-Bike) Pilot Evaluation Report
Arlington’s pilot kicked off in September 2018 with Bird and Lime and is expected to end in December 2019 with seven operators. This report provides the results of the evaluation of the nine-month Arlington County pilot program, including trends in deployment, utilization and feedback from the community to understand Shared Mobility Device (SMD) adoption and system performance. Click to Continue Reading…

Vehicle Decals No Longer Needed

Vehicle Decals No Longer Needed
The Arlington County Board voted last year to eliminate the requirement to display a decal. You can remove your old decal and dispose of it. The Motor Vehicle License fee ($33 for cars), which is an annual registration fee, has not been eliminated.

County Seeks Citizen Input on 2021 Budget

Key periods for citizen input:
November-December 2019: Provide online input to the County Manager as he begins developing his Proposed FY 2021 Budget to send to the County Board in February.
Provide Your Early Input on the FY 2021 Budget

January-February 2020: Provide input as the County Manager develops the Proposed FY 2021-2030 CIP to send to the County Board in May.
February-April 2020: Provide feedback to the County Board about the proposed budget.
May-July 2020: Provide feedback to the County Board about the proposed CIP.

Arlington real estate assessments are expected to rise by as much as 4% beginning in January which means property taxes could rise by 4% even without an increase in the tax rate.

Keep up with the latest budget and CIP news and information and opportunities to participate in the budget process at

Budger Season Timeline

Candidates Night 2019 Meeting Recap

The October meeting featured three of the four County Board candidates running for the two open seats. Arron O’Dell did not attend.
Christian Dorsey (incumbent Democrat) Website
Katie Cristol (incumbent Democrat) Website
Audrey Clement (Independent) Website
Arron O’Dell (Independent) Website

Opening Statements



Question 1     
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Trash Bins: What’s the Law?

The Arlington County Code is available online for all to read.
Problems with trash bins are covered in:
 ● Chapter 10 “Trash, Recycling And Care Of Premises”
  ● Article I. “Residential Trash, Recycling and Organics”
   ● § 10-6. Storage, Removal, and Maintenance
    ● E. Failure to adhere to the storage, removal,
       and maintenance provisions
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