Diseased Brown Cedars in LV

Diseased Brown Cedars in LV
These cypress trees in LV Park are infected with Seiridium canker. Spotted in several parts of LV, it is a fungal disease that kills trees and spreads from tree to tree. There is no chemical control available once an infection has taken place. Please cut down or trim any infected trees on your property to prevent spread.
   Care is the best defense: minimize water loss and water competition with other plants such as turf. Mulch an area several feet beyond the lowest limbs. During hot, dry summer days, irrigate thoroughly around the base of each tree every 7-14 days. More info at the Extension Service

Developer Spare That Tree

Developer Spare That Tree
Rampant development by spec builders is rapidly changing the character of Lyon Village and surrounding neighborhoods. A towering, 96-foot, 60-inch diameter, 175-210 year old, oak tree at 5920 N. 35th St, believed to be Arlington’s tallest outside the National Cemetery, is threatened by developers seeking to clear cut the lot where it stands. Full story at Falls Church News Press

County Government To Go 80% Solar by 2022

County Government To Go 80% Solar by 2022

County Board voted unanimously to acquire 80% of its electricity from a Dominion Energy solar farm in southern Virginia, Pittsylvania County.

This exceeds the County’s Community Energy Plan goal of having at least 50% of the electricity for County operations come from renewable sources by 2022.

The agreement does not require any capital funding or upfront costs from the County. Over time, this agreement is expected to be cost neutral. The project will have no impact on customer rates.

Arlington County is purchasing output from nearly one-third of a solar farm; and, under a separate agreement, Amazon is purchasing the remainder of the output from the same project.

For more details see County press release

Water Problems: Flooding & Wet Basements

A new section about about water problems has been added to the LyonVillage.org link list (near the bottom of the column of links). Links to resources range from flooding to wet basements. The County provides a surprising amount of practical information to assist citizens. Definitely worth checking out before spending money on contractors.

This is a permanent feature of LyonVillage.org

Also included are links about redevelopment. Single family home redevelopment is the largest source of new stormwater runoff and pollution from all building activity in Arlington. A Land Disturbing Activity/Stormwater permit is required if construction disturbs land area of 2,500 square feet or more. Permit requirements help protect neighbors from impacts of increased runoff from new or expanded homes. Its good to know what is required.

Water Problems

Flooding Home Page

Flooding Story Map

Stormwater at Home

StormwaterWise Landscapes

Home Flood Proofing

Reducing Flooding Risk

Stormwater for Homeowners Webinar

Stormwater Management Ordinance

159 Homes Lost to Teardowns in 2019

In 2019 a total of 159 homes were demolished, 3 a week on average. These are just complete demolitions and not “major renovations” which often result in near complete demolition.
● 36 are located in National Register Historic Districts
● 85 are speculative developments (owned by developers)

These buildings are often replaced with new construction that is out of scale and proportion to the community.

Preservation Arlington urges citizens to adopt Local Historic District designations for their communities, with standards for design, height, and placement that could be customized to reflect community needs while still allowing reinvestment to occur.

Preservation Arlington website

Beyer Writes FAA On Airplane Noise in Arlington

Beyer Writes FAA On Airplane Noise in Arlington
Rep. Don Beyer (VA-08) sent a letter to the Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration expressing concerns about its recent announcement to make changes to flight paths at DCA to accommodate Secret Service needs without giving meaningful consideration to community interests. Beyer urged FAA to delay implementation of the proposed changes to DCA flight procedures in order to engage the community.
Beyer Press Release

Trash Bins: What’s the Law?

The Arlington County Code is available online for all to read.
Problems with trash bins are covered in:
 ● Chapter 10 “Trash, Recycling And Care Of Premises”
  ● Article I. “Residential Trash, Recycling and Organics”
   ● § 10-6. Storage, Removal, and Maintenance
    ● E. Failure to adhere to the storage, removal,
       and maintenance provisions
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Drought: Please Water Your Trees

Trees, even large ones, are stressed from the current drought and need watering. Simply let a hose run on low-medium flow near the base of each tree once a week.

  • Large trees need 100 gallons, which will take 60-90 minutes.
  • Small trees need 25 gallons, which will take 20-30 minutes.

Click for more on watering

Check local non-profit Casey Trees weekly watering alerts to find out when watering is needed and learn the best techniques.

Arlington’s Updated Energy Plan

Arlington’s Updated Energy Plan
The Arlington County Board adopted a sweeping update to the Community Energy Plan that sets ambitious targets for transforming the County’s energy sector.

The plan incorporates goals for buildings; resilience; renewable energy; transportation, County government actions, and education and human behavior. It envisions a carbon neutral Arlington by 2050 that will be more resilient, where all electricity will come from renewable sources, where more residents will drive electric vehicles and more will use transit, and where homes and buildings will be more energy-efficient.

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