Water Problems: Flooding & Wet Basements

A new section about about water problems has been added to the LyonVillage.org link list (near the bottom of the column of links). Links to resources range from flooding to wet basements. The County provides a surprising amount of practical information to assist citizens. Definitely worth checking out before spending money on contractors.

This is a permanent feature of LyonVillage.org

Also included are links about redevelopment. Single family home redevelopment is the largest source of new stormwater runoff and pollution from all building activity in Arlington. A Land Disturbing Activity/Stormwater permit is required if construction disturbs land area of 2,500 square feet or more. Permit requirements help protect neighbors from impacts of increased runoff from new or expanded homes. Its good to know what is required.

Water Problems

Flooding Home Page

Flooding Story Map

Stormwater at Home

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Home Flood Proofing

Reducing Flooding Risk

Stormwater for Homeowners Webinar

Stormwater Management Ordinance