VaccineFinder Website

VaccineFinder Website
This easy-to-use website displays an interactive map of nearby commercial pharmacies offering the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines. The page shows vaccine availability. Clicking on a location provides more details and a direct link to the pharmacie’s sign up page. Pharmacies include some locations of: CVS, Giant, Safeway, & Harris Teeter. Currently (2/25) information is not kept sufficiently to date to be useful. Pharmacies that show “In Stock” often show no appointments available on their scheduling page. Hopefully, pharmacies will become more conscientious about updating their status in the future. VaccineFinder

Check Your COVID Vaccine Registration

Check Your COVID Vaccine Registration
The Virginia COVID vaccine database is now operational.
Check Your COVID Vaccine Status VDH Pre-Registrater for Vaccine
Many Arlington residents who preregistered through the County system have been unable to find themselves using the ‘Check the List’ feature because data migration has been delayed. The County requests that residents not re-register. They promise to get it right eventually. News Bulletin

First Case of B.1.1.7 COVID-19 Found in NoVa

First Case of B.1.1.7 COVID-19 Found in NoVa
The Virginia Department of Health (VDH) and the Department of General Services Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services (DCLS) announced that the first case of the SARS-CoV-2 variant B.1.1.7 has been identified in a sample from an adult resident of Northern Virginia with no reported recent travel history. The B.1.1.7 variant, which first emerged in the United Kingdom in late 2020, is associated with increased person-to-person transmission of COVID-19. VDH News Release

County Rescheduling Cancelled Vaccine Appointments

County Rescheduling Cancelled Vaccine Appointments
Arlington County is rescheduleing COVID-19 vaccine appointments canceled by Virginia Hospital Center at its community vaccine clinics due to inadequate vaccine availability. Individuals who have already received a first dose of the vaccine at the VHC-managed clinic at the Walter Reed Community Center will still receive their second dose as scheduled.

County residents who receive cancellation notices from VHC will be contacted directly by the County to reschedule as vaccine supply becomes available in the coming weeks. Arlington is ready to deliver vaccine as supplies become available. Recent vaccine deliveries have been less than expected. Announcements by the new Federal administration raise hopes for an increased availability of vaccine in the near future.

News Release

APS Report on COVID Cases

APS Report on COVID Cases
At the School Board meeting Thursday (Jan 21), APS reported that nearly 6% of staff and 5% of students who participated in in-person education have tested positive for COVID-19. APS declined to reveal building-level data and is unable to determine if COVID infections occurred inside or outside of school or how many were student-facing staff. More granular data is promised in the future.

Nearly 1,800 APS employees received vaccine doses this past holiday weekend.

Both parents who want in-person classes to resume, and teachers and parents who want the opposite, have been holding demonstrations and protests. Last Saturday (Jan 16) more than 100 parents, school staff, and students rallied in favor of continued virtual learning. Next Saturday (Jan 23) parents who want in-person classes to resume plan to rally. ARLnow News Item

Most of the Health Metrics in the APS COVID-19 Dashboard exceed the threshold for high or highest risk. APS Slide Deck APS COVID-19 Dashboard

County COVID Vaccination Goal Not Achievable

County COVID Vaccination Goal Not Achievable
The County’s stated goal of 14,000 first-round vaccinations per week is not achievable as Federal administrators stated that there will be no more than 110,000 doses available per week for the entire state of Virginia. Meeting the goal would require 13% of Virginia’s allotment, but Arlington’s population is less than 3% of the state’s total population. WTOP

Availability Limits Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution

Availability Limits Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution
Arlington Board Chair de Ferranti said: “Today Arlington will be inoculating 900 Arlington County teachers, after inoculating 900 on Saturday… We have the capacity to do at least 2,000 doses per day… Arlington has the infrastructure, staff, and preparation in place to continue to deliver the vaccine at the scale of these two events, and we are ready to use considerable additional staff from our Fire Department to scale immediately to do more vaccines. Supply of vaccine is the only limitation on our ability…News Release

Arlington’s 2019 over 18 population: 195,000 persons
Deduct 20% no vaxers: 156,000 persons
Vaccinations: 2000 per day
Time to vaccinate all if vaccine is available: 78 days
Or 173 days at today’s pace

COVID-19 Vaccine Demand Exceeds Supply

Vaccine Demand Exceeds Supply
Arlington is receiving far fewer COVID-19 vaccine doses than needed to meet demand. The County is prepared to ramp up and expedite vaccinations as soon as it receives additional doses from Virginia. The distribution of vaccine to Virginia is managed by the CDC and the US Dept of Defense. The expansion of eligible people does not increase Arlington’s supply of vaccine. The County Manager and Public Health Director are working flat-out to secure vaccines and to get them into arms. News Release

People over 65 and people 16-64 with a high-risk medical condition should pre-register and will be notified when appointments become available. Arlington COVID-19 Pre-Registration Form

COVID Vaccine Eligibility Expands to 1c

COVID Vaccine Eligibility Expands to 1c
Virginia Governor Northam announced that NoVa residents (including Arlington) who are over 65, and residents under 65 with comorbidities are being moved from phase 1c up to phase 1b of the state’s vaccination rollout. This means they now eligible to receive the vaccine. Ramping up the vaccination rate will require a better federal partnership, Northam said, which he expects to see with the Biden administration. Washingtonian Arlington COVID-19 Pre-Registration Form

COVID Vaccination for Teachers

COVID Vaccination for Teachers
Arlington Public Schools announced that teacher vaccinations “will begin this weekend,” Sat, Jan 16. However, there are reports of computers crashing and appointment emails failing to arrive. ARLnow

COVID-19 Vaccinations Going Too Slowly

COVID-19 Vaccinations Going Too Slowly
With an average vaccination rate of just over 225 doses per day over the past week, it would take the 843 days to administer a dose to the remainder of Arlington’s adult population. The PHD director told the Board it was having difficulty finding suitable locations for mass vaccinations. Commentators responded that the county has many schools and libraries that are currently unused. ARLnow

New COVID Variants Are Scary

New COVID Variants Are Scary
The New York Times reports Scientists are still learning about new versions of the coronavirus, including variants that emerged in Britain, South Africa and Brazil. The evidence so far indicates that they “are much more infectious than the Italian strain, which has been circulating here since February,” my colleague Donald G. McNeil Jr. told me. “That’s a game changer.” Behavior that may once have been only moderately risky — say, airplane travel — may now be more so… New York Times

Arlington 7-day average new cases: 52 per 100,000 residents. NYT Interactive

Free COVID-19 Testing

Free COVID-19 Testing
The county has placed two COVID-19 testing kiosks in county-owned parking lots in south Arlington. Both will operate from noon to 8PM, 7 days per week. Results are promised within 72 hours. Doctor referrals or government identification is not required. The locations are:
● Aurora Hills Community Center, 735 S 18th St
● Tucker Field at Barcroft Park, 4200 S Four Mile Run Dr
Unfortunately, a recent Food and Drug Administration advisory warned of false negative results with this test. False negatives indicate that someone is COVID-19 free, when they actually have COVID-19.
FDA Advisory County News Release Video of Testing Process Make an Appointment

Return-to-School Update: Jan 8 2021

APS Return-to-School Update Jan 8 2021
Superintendent Durán provided an update on APS return-to-school status & decisions.
● Teachers & staff will begin a phased return to school buildings in late Jan.
● No dates for students return; don’t want to give dates that get recinded.
● Health metrics are far from enabling students to return.
● Majority of teachers (61%) oppose students returning to school.
● Average number of student devices connecting to the network: 96%.
● Will launch a COVID-19 app for health screening of employees & families.
● Will publish COVID-19 statistics by building, facility, or division.
● K-12 teachers are included in the state’s second phase vaccine rollout.
● A distance learning task force has been established.
News Release Slide Deck

Jan 11 COVID Phase 1B Shots Begin

COVID Phase 1B Shots Begin Mon, Jan 11
Starting Jan 11, in Arlington and several other health districts, Virginia will overlap vaccination of groups 1A and 1B to ensure people are vaccinated as quickly and efficiently as possible.
● Group 1A: Healthcare personnel and people living in long-term care.
● Group 1B: Persons 75 and older; Police, Fire, & Hazmat; Corrections & homeless shelter workers; Childcare/K-12 Teachers/Staff; Food and Agriculture (including Veterinarians); Manufacturing; Grocery store workers; Public transit workers; Mail carriers (USPS and private); and officials needed to maintain continuity of government.

It is expected to take several weeks or months to vaccinate Virginians in Phase 1b. The ability to schedule appointments depends on vaccine supply, which is limited. News Release

Arlington Pre-Registration Form
Arlington residents in group 1B & 1C can pre-register. Arlington County Public Health Division will email 1B registrants to schedule appointments. Phase 1C registrants will be notified when Arlington moves into Phase 1C. Arlington Pre-Registration

Northam to Accelerate COVID-19 Vaccinations

Northam to Accelerate COVID-19 Vaccinations
Northam set an initial goal of vaccinating 25,000 Virginians each day when supply allows. Medical facilities will be required to put the vaccine they receive into arms as soon as possible, or risk having future vaccine allotments reduced. K-12 teachers and child care workers will be among the next priority group after Group A. The Virginia National Guard will provide logistical support and help local health departments. News Release

Parent to Sue School Board to Reopen Schools

Parent to Sue School Board to Reopen Schools
Parents group “Arlington Parents for Education” failed to get support from the County Board for getting schools reopened. An activist parent is planning to sue the School Board to re-open schools. Many APS COVID Dashboard indicators continue at "highest" or "higher" risk levels. Correction: APE says it is not a party to the suit. InsideNoVa WDVM APS COVID Dashboard Arlington Parents for Education

Arlington Averaging One COVID Death Per Day

Arlington Averaging One COVID Death Per Day
● Seven Arlington residents died of COVID-19 in the last week of 2020
● The Positive Test Rate is 7.8% (above 5% = “too high”)
● Total vaccine doses administered was 1,235 (0.5% of 2019 population)
● At VHC 96% of inpatient beds are filled (above 85% = “functionally full”)
Va Dept Health COVID Dashboard
Va Dept Health COVID Vaccine Dashboard


NPR: ICU Status Tool

Dec 14 Stricter Coronavirus Restrictions

Stricter Coronavirus Restrictions Begin Dec 14
Restrictions are effective Monday, Dec 14, through Jan 31 (with possible extentions)
Reduction in social gatherings: All social gatherings must be limited to 10 individuals, down from the current cap of 25 people. This does not apply to religious services, employment settings, or educational settings.
Curfew: All individuals in Virginia must remain at their place of residence between the hours of 12AM to 5AM. Exceptions include obtaining food/goods, traveling to/from work, and seeking medical attention.
Universal mask requirement: All Virginians aged 5 and over are required to wear face coverings in indoor settings shared with others and when outdoors within 6 feet of another person.
Continued limits on dining establishments: Strict social distancing/sanitization requirements remain in place. The on-site sale/consumption/possession of alcohol remains prohibited after 10PM. All dining establishments must close by midnight.
● Employees that can telework are strongly encouraged to do so
Virginia News Release

Where to Get COVID-19

Where to Get COVID-19
On Nov 22 Arlington’s COVID-19 positive test rate was 7.1% (A positive test rate above 5 is considered high). The infection rate was 1.22 (An infection rate above 1.1 is considered high).
  County public health staff interviewed 539 residents diagnosed with COVID-19, identifying sites outside of their homes where they may have been exposed:
 48% going to work
 38% going to one or more restaurants
 17% traveling out of the DMV area
 12% going to a gathering (e.g., wedding, funeral, or party)
 7% going to a gym
To protect against COVID-19 spread, everyone should avoid close contact with people who do not live in their household, wear a mask (cloth face covering), practice social distancing, and frequently and properly wash hands. News Release

Arlington COVID Positivity Above 5%

Arlington COVID Positivity Above 5%
The World Health Organization advised that positivity rates should remain at 5% or lower for at least 14 days before reopening. Arlington’s 7-day moving-average positivity rate is now 6.8%. It has been above 5% since Nov 7.
Virginia Department of Health COVID-19 Testing webpage

In Arlington, Lyon Village (ZIP 22201) has the lowest number of COVID-19 cases per capita. Arlington Data Dashboard
Getting COVID Testing in Arlington

Coronavirus Restrictions Tightened

Coronavirus Restrictions Tightened
New guidelines go into effect at 12:01 AM, Mon, Nov 16. Similar restrictions were announced in Maryland earlier this week. D.C. has not announced new restrictions. In Virginia:
● All public & private in-person gatherings limited to 25
● Restaurants & bars must close by midnight
● Restaurants & bars must not serve or sell alcohol after 10PM
● Prohibited possessing alcoholic beverages at a restaurant or bar after 10PM
● Current restrictions already ban bar-style seating in restaurants
● Failing to wear a mask & socially distance made a Class 1 misdemeanor
● Businesses not practicing enhanced cleaning made a Class 1 misdemeanor
● Age for mask wearing in public places lowered to 5
VDH News Release

APS Staff Worried About Unsafe School Reopenings

APS Staff Worried About Unsafe School Reopenings
APS, following its “Level One” plan, has reopened 33 schools for students with disabilities. While teachers remain remote, classroom assistants are helping students within school buildings. Some classroom assistants accuse APS of not following its safety protocols. According to the Arlington Education Association needed improvements include:
● Testing every room for adequate air transfers
● Providing information related to cases, hospitalizations and deaths
● Ensuring staff can stay distant while students eat
● Providing staff with four N95 masks a week.
APS responded that these concerns have or will be addressed.
Story at ARLnow