Residential Permit Parking (LVCA General Meeting Recap)

Residential Permit Parking (LVCA General Meeting Recap)
The January LVCA meeting featured an overview of proposed changes to Arlington’s Residential Permit Parking Program (RPP). Many people know it as “Zone 6 Parking.”

A presentation by LVCA Board Member Andrew Rude, who has been following the RPP review for LVCA. County staff were invited to make a presentation, but declined. Andy summarized the changes the county is considering: some good and some that LVCA Board Members think should be changed. Several members of nearby neighborhood associations, who will also be impacted by RPP changes, attended the meeting. We will be working together on this. The County Board is planning to vote on these changes at its regular meeting in February (tentatively Feb 20).

RPP Presentation: Jan 11 2021 by Andy Rude (PDF)

Future Actions
Members of the LVCA Board and representatives from other Arlington neighborhood associations are meeting to develop a common position on the proposed RPP changes and to communicate with the County Board about the proposed changes.

LV’s RPP Survey (Nov 2018)
More About RPP (website post)

From Other Neighborhood Associations
BVSCA: Summary of Public Comments (PDF)
Aurora Highlands Residential Parking Objections

From the County
Proposed program and comparison chart
Proposed program and comparison chart – After Markup by County Board
  The markup does not address most of the resident’s concerns.
Proposed administrative policies and procedures

Other RPP News
Public Hearing on Residential Parking Program Deferred to February (ARLnow)

LVCA Meeting Recap Video: Missing Middle

LVCA Meeting Recap Video: Missing Middle (Nov 9)
Possibly the greatest future challenge facing Lyon Village Residents will be proposals to up-zone much on Lyon Village, now limited to single-family houses, to permit duplexes, triplexes, quads, and denser structures, thus dramatically changing the character of Lyon Village.

● Peter Rousselot from Arlingtonians for Our Sustainable Future made his case agains the Missing Middle Housing Study and up-zoning. (27 minutes)

● Matt de Ferranti, County Board Member explained the Missing Middle Housing Study. (20 minutes)

● Q by John & A by Matt & Peter. (25 minutes)

Missing Middle Housing Study
The Missing Middle Housing Study is expected to run through 2022. It will consider such topics as:
● Up-Zoning: Changing the zoning of areas now limited to single-family houses to permit duplexes, triplexes, quads, and denser structures.
● How up-zoning relates to Arlington’s agenda for accelerated development, growth, and density.
● Impacts of up-zoning, accelerated development, growth and density on Arlington’s infrastructure (public schools, fire stations, storm and freshwater distribution systems), environment, and budget.
County’s Missing Middle Web Page
Missing Middle Study Timeline
Missing Middle article published by Arlington Civic Assn
Arlington-Analytics Report on Missing Middle
“Missing Middle” Advocate Targets LV
Best Arlington Neighborhoods

Remodeling Homes for Aging in Place

Recap from Sept 9, 2019 General Meeting
Thanks to Architects Andrew Moore and Robert Braddock who spoke to LVCA members at the Sept 9, 2019 General Meeting.

Andrew Moore, Arlington Designer Homes

Robert Braddock, Red House Architects

For long-term aging-in-place home modifications be sure to consult a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS). Find one in your area using the NAHB CAPS 55+ Directory.

View NAHB CAPS Presentation slides (PDF file).

View NAHB Aging-In-Place Remodeling Checklist.

Safety Tips from ACPD

Recap from Sept 9, 2019 General Meeting
Thanks to Sgt. Tom Rakowski and Officer Kristen Oesterling of the The Arlington County Police Department who spoke to LVCA members at the Sept 9 General Meeting.

  • Police Emergency Number: 911
  • Police Non-Emergency Number: 703-558-2222
    • Safety Tips

    • Do not hesitate to call if you see something suspicious or are fearful. Your calls help ACPD fight crime. Do not assume someone else will call. Think about what could happen if you fail to call.
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