Missing Middle Listening Session: Feb 4

Missing Middle Listening Session
When: Feb 4 at 7PM
Where: Online via Microsoft Teams

Possibly the greatest future challenge facing Lyon Village residents will be proposals to up-zone much on Lyon Village, now mostly single-family houses, to permit additional duplexes, triplexes, quads, and denser structures, thus dramatically changing the character of Lyon Village.

Share thoughts with County staff on priorities and considerations on the Missing Middle Housing Study. The meeting will be a forum to discuss your ideas with other community members, provide feedback, and learn more.

Link for Feb 4 Meeting Announcement

LVCA Meeting Recap Video: Missing Middle

RPP Hearing Scheduled for Feb 20

RPP Hearing Scheduled for Feb 20
The Residential Permit Parking Program (RPP) Review project has been assessing the purpose and function of Arlington’s RPP program, considering the program’s efficiency, user experience, and fairness. It is the first major review of the RPP in over 10 years.

Public Hearing Re-Scheduled to Feb 20
To give residents more time to respond the County Board has re-scheduled a public hearing on RPP from Jan 23 to Sat, Feb 20. Board members said they are open to pushing off the hearing further to engage more people and give residents more time to consider the changes.

LVCA Opposes Unrestricted Two-Hour Paid Parking
LVCA’s RPP Survey of LV residents held Nov 2018 indicated strong support (98%) for the existing RPP. LVCA’s review of the proposed changes identified one serious problem: permitting 2-hour paid parking in restricted residential zones. LVCA is opposing that one element of the proposed RPP revision. The problems LVCA sees with 2-hour paid parking include:
● It provides no effective enforcement, making it likely to be abused.
● It will likely increase traffic in residential neighborhoods.
● It will likely clog residential neighborhoods with commuter parking, a problem the RPP was originally created to prevent.
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‘Loving Avenue’ Recommended As New Name for Lee Hwy

‘Loving Avenue’ Recommended As New Name for Lee Highway
The Lee Highway Alliance’s task force that was developing suggestions for renaming Route 29 (Lee Hwy) has recommended renaming it ‘Loving Avenue’ after civil rights figures Mildred and Richard Loving, who fought to overturn Virginia’s anti-miscegenation laws. The group also designated four runner-up names for consideration by the County Board: John M. Langston Boulevard, Ella Baker Boulevard, Dr. Edward T. Morton Avenue, and Main Street. The County Board will be briefed by the working group next week. The County Board will then decide whether to advance the name change to the Virginia state legislature or the Commonwealth Transportation Board.
Rename Lee Highway Website for meeting videos, slides & feedback form.
Previous Post with the 10 semi-finalist names.
Previous Post with our overview of the project.

Charitable Giving Made Easier

Charitable Giving Made Easier
The Arlington Community Foundation has launched a “Nonprofit Wish Catalog” featuring needs of 24 local nonprofits with wishes of up to $5,000 each. As of “Giving” Tuesday evening contributions have been slim. Wish Catalog

Re-Name Lee Highway Poll

Re-Name Lee Highway Poll
The Lee Highway Alliance formed a 25-person working group to rename a principal Arlington street currently named after a West Point graduate who took up arms against the United States of America.
  A list of 186 names suggested by the community was narrowed to 20 by the working group. Those 20 names are to be further narrowed down by polling the community to produce a list of 3 to 5 finalists to be submitted to the County Board. The names range from bland to weird with many highly political.
  A web page with the 20 potential names, a brief explanation of each name, and an online poll is now online through Nov 30. The poll permits voting for up to 3 names, but is not offered as a ranked-choice so a relatively small number of votes could determine the final list of names. “None of the above” is not offered as a choice. The poll requires each voter to provide their name, address, and email address prior to voting. The Poll

Oct 28 Missing Middle Housing Study Begins

Missing Middle Housing Study Kick Off Event Online
When: Wed, Oct 28 at 7PM
Where: Online Meeting Website
The Missing Middle Housing Study will explore how new housing types could help address Arlington’s shortfall in housing supply and gaps in housing choices.
● What housing types are appropriate for Arlington?
● Where could new types of housing be located?
● What would the infrastructure and environmental impacts be? How could they be mitigated?
● How much would new types cost, and what impact would that have on Arlington’s housing market?

LV Community House Fundraiser

LV Community House Fundraiser
The Lyon Village Community House (LVCH) is a great neighborhood resource and like many gathering places is having a tough time during the pandemic. This year the Community House must depend entirely on donations from LV neighbors. The Community House has not been rented since mid-March. This year’s Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser cannot be held due to the pandemic. Meanwhile monthly expenses must be paid and the LVCH Board is doing some long-needed refurbishing while the House is empty.
  All money raised is used to maintain the Community House. No donation too small or too large! Suggestion: Consider donating what you would spend at the Spaghetti Dinner. Donations are tax-deductible as the LVCH is a 501(c)(3). Receipts available upon request.
Donate via PayPal
Donate via Square
Personal Checks payable to “Lyon Village Community House. Can be sent to LVCH Treasurer, 1731 N Adams St, Arlington, VA 22201
  Lyon Village Community House and the Lyon Village Citizens’ Association (LVCA) are two different organizations. The sole purpose of the LVCH is to maintain the Community House. LVCA dues do not support the Community House.

Residential Permit Parking Review

Residential Permit Parking Under Review
In 1968, a parking ordinance established Zoned Parking (also known as Residential Permit Parking or RPP) in Arlington. RPP limits on-street parking to neighborhood residents with County-issued permits/passes, their visitors, and landlords during restricted hours (usually Mon – Fri, 8 AM – 5 PM).

Why Restrict Parking? RPP was instituted as a growing number of commuters began parking in neighborhoods, causing problems with increased traffic, noise, pollution and consuming much of the on-street parking. As Arlington has become increasingly urban with increased development the RPP has expanded as residents petitioned the county to have their street zoned. Eventually, the program expanded to 24 parking zones.

The Deal with Residents. Over time this resulted in a “compact” with the residents and the County whereby in support for increased density adjacent to residential neighborhoods, the county would take steps to mitigate some of the negative impacts of the adjacent higher density development, including protection of on-street parking.

The County Declares a Pause and Rethink. In the summer of 2018, the County Board voted to put a moratorium on zoned parking and commissioned a study of the program. During the study residents could no longer petition the County to protect their street.

The County seeks to conclude its review and introduce a new residential parking policy in early 2021. Read the County Staff’s Report

The County will soon publish a draft policy. An online comment form will be online for 2 weeks and the County will hold an online question-and-answer session. Residents can testify about the draft policy in Nov/Dec and final policy in Jan at virtual meetings of the Tenant-Landlord Commission, Transportation Commission, Planning Commission and County Board.
Project Web Site Map of RPP Zones

LV Responds. In November 2018 the LVCA conducted a survey to collect LV residents’ opinions about RPP. Lyon Village Zoned Parking Survey

Lyon Village Dues Are Due Now

Lyon Village Dues Are Due Now
Your dues support LVCA activities, such as monthly meetings (now on Zoom!), this website, emailed announcements, advocating for Lyon Village, the monthly Bulletin and fun activities such as the 4th of July Celebration and hopefully in the future our annual Halloween Party, Spring Egg Hunt, and Holiday Party. Dues are $7 for individuals or $10 per household. Pay online or by mail.

Egg Hunt Social Distancing Version

Egg Hunt Social Distancing Version
1) Decorate some paper eggs on an 8.5×11 paper sheet. You can download a template to print and color at Simple Mom Project
2) Post your eggs in a front window where they can easily be seen from the street. Please display them from Sat, Mar 28 to Tues, Apr 14.
3) Go for a walk around the neighborhood with your kids to see how many eggs you can find! Please walk only with members of your household, not in large groups.

Sorry, no prizes this year. Thanks, and stay safe and healthy!


2020 Census

Work for the Census
The US Department of Commerce’s Bureau of the Census is hiring hundreds of people temporarily in Arlington and the rest of northern Virginia over the next few months to help carry out the Census. The principal position available is that of Enumerator. The pay is good ($25-$27.50/hour in Arlington) and the hours are flexible.

For more information and to apply, please visit 2020census.gov/jobs

The Census is Important to Arlington
There are many good reasons to ensure that Census participation is as complete as possible. The results impact Congressional representation and federal funding for education, healthcare, infrastructure, and other areas.

Your Census Information is Confidential
Personally Identifiable Information (PII) collected by the Census is confidential under Title 13 of the US Code. It is illegal to share Personally Identifiable Information with other government agencies or any other entity or person.

“Housing Arlington” Initiative Launched

County Board seeks ways to solve Arlington’s affordable housing shortage by leveraging existing county housing programs, zoning changes, and private-public partnerships.

Six initiatives fall within the overall Housing Arlington program:
1 Land Use Tools
 ● Accessory Dwelling Regulations Update
 ● Elder Care Zoning Study
 ● Bonus Density
 ● Plan Lee Highway
 ● Housing Conservation District
 ● Missing Middle Housing Study
2 Financial Tools
3 Institutional Partnerships
4 County Employee Housing
5 Condominium Initiative
6 Affordable Housing Master Plan Review

No mention of transit
Did failure to address Columbia Pike transit hamper development in the parts of Arlington and Fairfax counties most available for affordable housing?

Housing Arlington

Housing Arlington: Program News

Missing Middle Housing Study Framework

Arlington Tops in Niche Rankings

Arlington Tops in Niche Rankings
For the second year in a row, Niche has ranked Arlington Public Schools (APS) as the best school division in Virginia.
More at ARLnow

For the first time since 2016, Arlington, VA is the #1 best city to live in America, knocking Ann Arbor, MI from the top spot. For the first time, Bluemont, VA, an Arlington neighborhood, is the #1 best place to live in America, dethroning Carmel, IN.
More at Niche

Niche is a team of data scientists that combine rigorous analysis with authentic reviews to produce rankings, report cards, and in-depth profiles to highlight the best schools, companies, and neighborhoods.

Cherrydale Volunteer Firehouse Turns 100

Cherrydale Volunteer Firehouse Turns 100
Congratulations to the Cherrydale Volunteer Firehouse on turning 100 years old! This building was the first purpose-built firehouse in the County and the model for all the first firehouses in the area. It has served more than one civic purpose since it was built, offering not only fire safety services but civic services in the community room upstairs. A little known fact is that the building hosted the County’s first movie theater.

Beyer Writes FAA On Airplane Noise in Arlington

Beyer Writes FAA On Airplane Noise in Arlington
Rep. Don Beyer (VA-08) sent a letter to the Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration expressing concerns about its recent announcement to make changes to flight paths at DCA to accommodate Secret Service needs without giving meaningful consideration to community interests. Beyer urged FAA to delay implementation of the proposed changes to DCA flight procedures in order to engage the community.
Beyer Press Release