Jun 12 Dog Parks, Basketball & Volleyball Reopen

Dog Parks, Basketball & Volleyball Reopen Friday, Jun 12
Arlington is reopening its dog parks, basketball courts and volleyball courts on Friday, June 12, for people who practice social distancing and follow posted guidelines.

Special Additional Dog Park Rules
● Don’t touch entry gate, bag stations, trash cans or other surfaces with your bare hands.
● Use gloves or cover your hand with a dog waste bag first.
● Refrain from petting dogs other than your own.
● No spitting, chewing gum or sharing snacks.

Special Additional Basketball & Volleyball Rules
● Limit spectators to parents, guardians or caretakers supervising children.
● Limit use of basketball courts to non-contact games.
● Wash your hands before and after you visit.
● When possible, only play with family members or those in your household.
● Avoid touching gates or fences.
● No spitting, chewing gum or sharing snacks.

Reopening Safety Guidelines and Restrictions Page

Arlington Parks Now Partially Reopen

Arlington Parks Now Partially Open
● Trails and community gardens remain open.
● Park-goers should maintain physical distancing: at least 6 feet.
● Those who cannot maintain a safe distance from others should wear masks.
● Groups should not exceed 10 people.
● Organized sports are still banned.
● Spraygrounds, tracks and skate parks remain closed.
● Playgrounds, picnic shelters, and athletic courts remain closed.
● Restrooms remain closed.
● Dog parks remain closed.
● Summer camps and programs remain cancelled.
● Additional facilities will reopen, with restrictions in early June: athletic fields, batting cages, dog parks, pickleball courts, shelters, tennis courts and outdoor tracks.

● Growing scientific consensus suggests the risk of virus transmission outdoors is low.
● Brief exposure from walking and jogging is thought to carry few risks.
● Talking or singing near others for a sustained time is considered risky, even outdoors.

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Arlington County 2020 Summer Camps Canceled

Arlington County 2020 Summer Camps Canceled
Parks and Recreation announced “in accordance with the health and safety guidelines of state, national and camp officials during the COVID-19 pandemic, Arlington County is cancelling summer camps for 2020.” It is “not confident all campers and staff would be able to safely enjoy an even modified camp experience.” Credits will be provided to all who previously signed up.

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Unanticipated Consequences Hit County Parks

Unanticipated Consequences Hit County Parks
After the Dept of Environmental Services stopped picking up yard waste, some frustrated Arlington residents began leaving their yard waste in Arlington’s now-closed county parks. Arlington Parks & Rec is not happy about this and urges residents to make use of the limited options offered by Environmental Services. Yard Waste Options

Aug 12-16 Arlington County Fair CANCELLED

Aug 12-16 Arlington County Fair CANCELLED
When: Aug 12-16, 2020
Where: Thomas Jefferson Community Center
The Arlington County Fair is one of the largest free events on the East Coast and has been providing quality entertainment for over 40 years! Attendees come from all over the region to enjoy competitive exhibits, midway rides and games, free live entertainment, dozens of vendors and more!

County Fair Website

Egg Hunt Social Distancing Version

Egg Hunt Social Distancing Version
1) Decorate some paper eggs on an 8.5×11 paper sheet. You can download a template to print and color at Simple Mom Project
2) Post your eggs in a front window where they can easily be seen from the street. Please display them from Sat, Mar 28 to Tues, Apr 14.
3) Go for a walk around the neighborhood with your kids to see how many eggs you can find! Please walk only with members of your household, not in large groups.

Sorry, no prizes this year. Thanks, and stay safe and healthy!


LV Park Closed

LV Park Closed (and So Is the Dog Park)
All parks and public facilities are closed due to the virus. This includes the Lyon Village Park and Playground and the James Hunter Dog Park located at 13th and North Herndon Street.

Crossing through parks to get to a trail or non-park destination is still allowed.

Parks & Rec News Release

Arlington Closes Its Parks, Fields, and Playgrounds

Arlington Closes Its Parks, Fields, and Playgrounds
Effectively immediately, all Arlington County/APS parks, fields, playgrounds, restrooms, tracks, dog parks and courts are closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Signs will be posted at all affected locations. Park visitors are asked to adhere to all closure notices and current social distancing recommendations.

Trails and community gardens are also closed to groups. Please exercise and garden alone.

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