High School Sports Season Delayed

High School Sports Season Delayed
The Virginia High School League voted to delay the start of the 2020-21 high school sports season. A compressed sports season will run from Dec 28 to June 26. The Winter season will start in late December, followed by Fall sports and Spring sports. More at VHSL

APS: Classes To Be Online From Home

APS: All Classes Online this Fall; School Starts Sept 8
The new Arlington Public Schools Superintendent, Francisco Durán, has decided to scrap the plan to teach students in classrooms two days per week. All classes will be offered using full-time distance learning. The School Board has approved his suggestion to start the new school year on Sept 8, a week later than originally planned. ARLnow

Go Fund Me: Lawsuit to Stop Key, ATS, McKinley School Moves

Go Fund Me: Lawsuit to Stop Key, ATS, McKinley School Moves
A suit, filed by Louisa Castillo, an Arlington resident and Key Elementary parent, claims the School Board violated a Virginia law “when it adopted a proposal to relocate thousands of Arlington County elementary school students… rather than engaging in the necessary process to enact a school boundary change.”

A GoFundMe campaign is raising donations toward a $20,000 goal in support of the lawsuit. Go Fund Me Page

Democrats Endorse Diaz-Torres & Priddy for School Board

Democrats Endorse Diaz-Torres & Priddy for School Board
Cristina Diaz-Torres and David Priddy have emerged on top of a five-candidate field for the Democratic school board endorsement. The mail-in ballot resulted in high voter turnout: “More than 5,700 ballots were cast, far exceeding the 1,994 ballots cast in the 2019 in-person School Board Caucus.” These candidates will compete in the Nov 3 general election against Independent candidate Symone Walker.

News Release

APS Changing Grab-and-Go Meal Schedule

APS Changing Grab-and-Go Meal Schedule
Effective immediately, Mon May 4, grab-and-go meals will be available only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. The intent is to make meal pickup more convenient for families and to limit potential coronavirus exposure to families and staff.

In addition to meals, parents of children in second grade and below can pick up packets of teaching materials to use at home.
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Arlington Public Schools Adjust to New Situation

Arlington Public Schools Adjust to New Situation
APS continues to provide support to students at home for the remainder of the school year. No new material will be taught, but students are being provided with resources to review existing material.

Children in third grade and above have individual APS-issued devices and continue to use those to communicate with teachers. Children in second grade and below are being given packets of materials to help parents teach at home. The packets can be picked up during the APS meal distribution from 11 am to 1 pm Mon, Weds and Friday at Barrett, Campbell, Drew, Hoffman-Boston, Key, and Randolph elementary schools.

APS also continues to provide meal service (breakfast and lunch) for children on the free and reduce lunch program.

APS high schools are planning virtual graduation ceremonies for seniors.

School Board Candidate Websites

School Board Candidate Websites

There are two open seats. Election day is Nov 3.
Democratic Candidates
● Cristina Diaz-Torres website
● David Priddy website
● Sandy Munnell website
● Terron Sims website
● Steven Krieger website

Democrats will compete in a mail-in primary. All ballot requests, both online and mailed, must be received (not postmarked) by the Arlington Dems by May 7, 2020 (11:59 p.m. EDT). Filled-in ballots must be mailed back in the provided envelope in time to be received (not postmarked) by Arlington Dems by May 30. Arlington Dems expects to announce their endorsement by June 9.

Independent Candidate
● Symone Walker website

Video: Mar 9 LVCA School Board Candidate Forum

Video: Mar 9 LVCA School Board Candidate Forum

Watch Mar 9 LVCA School Board Candidate Forum (YouTube)

Six candidates for the Arlington School Board – David Priddy, Cristina Diaz-Torres, Sandy Munnell, Terron Sims II, Steven Krieger, and Symone Walker – were hosted by the Lyon Village Citizens Association in a forum on March 9, 2020 in Arlington, Virginia. The candidate forum was organized by Beth Ferrill and moderated by John Carten. The video was produced by Michael A. Shea of Arlington Independent Media.

LV Signs for Grads

LV Signs for Grads
When you see this sign in front of a house, it means that a High School Senior lives at that house. If you see a student congratulate them on their graduation.

Statewide Closures Ordered

Statewide Closures Ordered; School Year is Over
● All gatherings of more than 10 people are banned
● All schools will remain closed through the end of this academic year
● Recreation and entertainment businesses must close
● Dining and congregation areas must close
● Essential retail businesses may remain open
● Professional businesses not listed must utilize telework as much as possible
● Businesses in violation of this order may be charged with a Class 1 misdemeanor
● All Virginians urges to avoid non-essential travel outside the home
Governor‘s Press Release
Full Text of Executive Order
Governor’s FAQ Answers to questions beyond the order‘s scope

Mar 9 School Board Candidates Night

Mar 9 School Board Candidates Night

March LVCA Monthly General Meeting

When: Mon, Mar 9 at 8pm
Where: LV Community House, 1920 North Highland St

Come hear from all 6 School Board candidates. This is an unusual year as 2 Board members will be elected and two current Board members are not running for re-election.

This is your opportunity to hear from the candidates and ask questions on the issues you are most concerned about.

● Symone Walker website

● Cristina Diaz-Torres website

● David Priddy website

● Sandy Munnell website

● Terron Sims website

● Steven Krieger website

Candidates Steven Krieger, David Priddy, and Symone Walker spoke out against the plan to move three elementary schools at recent School Board meetings.

Recent posts about School Issues

APS Acts to Protect Staff & Students

APS Acts to Protect Staff & Students
Arlington Public Schools, in an email to parents, advised that it is continuing to stay in close contact with local health officials, monitoring student health, reinforcing effective preventative steps (e.g. hand washing), continuing to disinfect surfaces in schools, “preparing for the possibility of school closures in the future,” and preparing to provide instructional activities to all students in grades PreK-12 should schools close. Students and staff should stay home when sick; only returning to school when symptom-free for 24 hours. APS Letter

APS Quarantines Students Recently from China

APS Quarantines Students Recently from China
APS students returning from Mainland China will not be allowed to attend school for 14 days. APS will provide support to any student who is unable to attend school by providing take-home educational materials.

Steps to prevent students and staff from becoming ill in schools:
  ● Cleaning and disinfecting touched objects and surfaces
  ● Reinforcing hand washing, hand sanitizer use, not coughing or sneezing on hands, staying home when sick, etc.

APS Coronavirus Guidelines

6 Democrats Announce for School Board

Two new School Board members will be elected at the Nov 3 general election because the two incumbent School Board members, Tannia Talento and Nancy Van Doren, are not running for reelection. The latest candidate to announce is Steven Krieger.

The updated list of candidates is:

● Symone Walker website

● Cristina Diaz-Torres website

● David Priddy website

● Sandy Munnell website

● Terron Sims website

● Steven Krieger website

More about Arlington Democrats candidates website

Video of 5 candidates at the Arlington County Democratic Committee meeting

The Arlington GOP website is not presently showing any candidates.

APS School Year to Start Aug. 31

APS School Year to Start Aug. 31

Arlington School Board approved a new start date for the next school year: Aug 31. After 4 days of class there will be a four-day weekend for Labor Day.

The school year will end on June 16 for high school students and June 18 for elementary and middle school students.

School Board Votes to Move 3 Schools

On Feb 6 the Arlington School Board adopted a plan to move three elementary schools for the 2021–22 school year by a vote of 4–1. The lone dissenting vote was cast by Reid Goldstein.

  • A majority of McKinley students move to a new school at the Reed site
  • Arlington Traditional School (ATS) program moves to the current McKinley building
  • Key Immersion program moves to the current ATS building
  • The current Key building is repurposed into a new neighborhood school

More at APS website

Contentious Jan 30 School Board Meeting

Many parents continue to protest “deeply flawed” school move plan.

At the Jan 30 School Board meeting, the Board once again faced an angry community. Parents, many working as policy-making professionals with extensive experience crunching data and analyzing complex problems, challenge the data and methodology board staff are presenting to the Board.

These parents insist that the School Board should scrap staff’s poor-quality analysis. Bad decisions will cause chaos in children’s lives and require further chaotic changes in the near future.

The Board may vote on this proposal as early as February 6.

Story and video at WJLA-TV

Superintendent Makes School Swap Proposal

Interim Superintendent Cintia Johnson recommends the more modest of the two proposals presented in October. No relief offered for LV’s Key School.

● Move students, faculty and the principal of Key Elementary bilingual English/Spanish immersion program to the current ATS building

● Make the current Key building a new neighborhood elementary school

The School Board is expected to hold a public hearing before taking action on the proposal in February.

Superintendent’s Slide Deck (APS)

Arlington Public Schools Propose Big Changes

School staff recently announced potential big changes to the school boundaries that affect LV and other areas.

Community Survey on
APS Proposals to Move Key Immersion School

APS has proposed to move the Key program to either:
● Arlington Traditional School (west of Ballston)
● Carlin Spring Elementary (in the southwestern part of the County)
Participate in a survey about these changes: Key School Enrollment Survey (survey closes Dec 6)

Information from Arlington Public Schools
APS “What’s Happening” Home Page

Elementary School Planning for 2021

Meeting Recap (Nov 11, 2019)
School Board Member Reid Goldstein

Reid brought slides, but we didn’t have a projector.
Here are …
Reid’s Slides

Press Coverage
For NoVa Schools, A Question Of Where to Put All Those Students (WaPo)

“Arlington Public Schools may shuffle nearly a quarter of its elementary school students around to combat the county’s persistent overcrowding problems.”
APS Proposes Major Elementary School Swap (ARLnow)

Plans to Add/Drop Courses 2020-21 (InsideNOVA)

Peter’s Take:
How The County Should Help APS Plan For New School Seats

  by Peter Rousselot

Progressive Voice:
“More Time” Doesn’t Make Change Easier

  by Colleen Pickford

Ed Talk:
Elementary School Moves/Boundaries

  by Abby Raphael

Letter to the Editor: APS Should Hire Outside Consultant for School Boundary Process