Watemain Under Key to be Replaced

Watermain Under Key to be Replaced
Seems like Key is perpetually dug up in one block or another. Now, the County has approved replacement of the 94-year-old watermain below Key Blvd from N Jackson to N Danville and the block of N Herndon north of Key. This old watermain has had numerous breaks in the past few years. The watermain will be replaced with a more durable, larger diameter watermain. Construction is expected begin in the Spring and is expected to take a year and a half. A detailed letter about the project and schedule will be sent to the president of the LVCA and notices will be distributed to affected residents.County Board Agenda Item

Holding Cell Phone While Driving Now Illegal

Holding a Cell Phone While Driving Is Illegal In 2021
Virginia’s hands-free law, taking effect on Jan 1, makes it illegal to drive holding a cell phone in Virginia. Previously, only texting or emailing while driving was against the law. Drivers can talk hands-free, using a speaker or headphone (one ear only, headphones in both ears violates a different law). Fines are $125 for a first offense and $250 for a second offense or if driving in a construction zone. Last year distracted driving resulted in 120 deaths in Virginia. This compares to 4,984 COVID-19 deaths in Virginia.) Code of Virginia § 46.2-818.2

More Speed Cameras Proposed

More Speed Cameras Proposed
Arlington wants to deploys speed cameras and to lower speed limits in residential and business districts below 25 miles per hour. Board member Dorsey said “Automated ticket enforcement has the potential to improve safety… and further advance equitable outcomes by reducing or eliminating race-based disparities in speed enforcement.” ARLnow

Vision Zero Survey & Virtual Meeting

Vision Zero Survey &
Virtual Meeting

Vision Zero promotes safer streets: fewer injuries, more healthful travel, and ultimately, a safer transportation network that benefits our daily quality of life. The nationally-recognized Vision Zero Network defines Vision Zero as, “a strategy to eliminate all traffic fatalities and severe injuries, while increasing safe, healthy, equitable mobility for all.”

Vision Zero Survey
Share your experiences when walking, biking, rolling, or driving in Arlington.

Vision Zero Virtual Public Meetings
● Sept 30 (in Spanish), 7 PM Information & links to join
● Oct 1 (in English), 7 PM Information & links to join
Meeting recordings available Oct. 2.

Vision Zero project website

Map of Serious Injuries & Crashes

Designing Streets for Kids

Designing Streets for Kids Guide
The National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) just published the Designing Streets for Kids guide to pave the way for cities to promote streets that better serve the specific needs of children and caregivers as pedestrians, cyclists and transit users. Download

County Enacts $100 Congregating Fine

County Enacts $100 Congregating Fine
The County has adopted an emergency ordinance prohibiting groups of more than 3 people from congregating on streets and sidewalks posted with restrictions, and requiring pedestrians to maintain at least six feet of physical separation from others on the posted streets and sidewalks. Violators could face a traffic fine of up to $100. News Release

Garfield St Construction

Garfield St between Franklin & Wilson closed all week (April 27-May 1) for non-essential sidewalk replacement.
● Roadway intermittently closed or reduced to single lane.
● No Parking signs posted.

Highland Sidewalk Reopens

Highland St Reopens
As the County warns of an impending budget crisis, we had a week full of trucks, machines, workers & inconvenience and all we got were a few short stretches of curb repairs and one very short sidewalk repair.

Sidewalk Closed: Highland & Key

Highland St between Key Blvd & 13th St closed all week (April 20-24) for non-essential sidewalk replacement.
● Sidewalk with heavy foot traffic closed during pandemic.
● Roadway intermittently closed or reduced to single lane.

More Sidewalk Space Crucial for Social Distancing (GGW website)
The CDC recommends physical distancing and remaining six feet away from others to reduce the spread of COVID-19. New York, Philadelphia, Oakland, and other large cities have opened dozens of miles of streets to people, restricting private automobile access besides emergency vehicles, for this reason.

Travel Safely Through the Neighborhood

Travel Safely Through the Neighborhood
With physical distancing in practice, everyone needs to be extra careful while navigating the neighborhood.
● Drivers need to drive slower as people are often forced to walk or jog in the street to maintain safe distances. When a pedestrians step into the road so two can pass each other at a safe distance, please don’t honk you horn at them.
● There are more bikes than ever out at all times of the day, many being ridden by children.
● Pedestrians need to be more watchful for traffic, especially when forced to walk in the street.

Complete Streets Upgrades Planned

Complete Streets Upgrades Planned
Five arterial streets in Arlington are being considered as candidates for a Complete Streets overhaul. Three are near Lyon Village:
● Clarendon Blvd: N Nash St to N. Oak St
● N Lorcom La: Old Dominion Drive to N. Taylor St
● Military Rd: Lorcom La to Old Dominion Dr
Upgrades may include “sidewalk expansion or obstruction elimination,” “curb ramp reconstruction,” “crosswalk and signal enhancements,” “pedestrian-scale lighting,” “improved access to transit stops” and bike lanes.
Complete Streets: 2020 Project Page

County Plans Bus/HOV Lane on Lee Hwy

County Plans Bus/HOV Lane on Lee Hwy

Under the plan curb lanes would be bus/HOV only eastbound from N Veitch to N. Lynn during AM peak and westbound from N Oak to N Veitch during PM peak. This section of Lee Hwy is 3 lanes wide in each direction and highly congested during peak hours. This makes it difficult for buses to maintain schedule.

More details at ARLNow

County to Develop Vision Zero Action Plan

The Vision Zero Action Plan will include strategies to make travel safer for everyone: walking, driving, biking, scootering, or taking public transit.

The project team is hosting a drop-in meeting to share more information about Vision Zero, discuss draft Vision Zero goals, and hear about your priorities for the future of safe transportation in Arlington County.

When: Jan 28, 5-8 PM
Where: Washington-Liberty High School Cafeteria, 1301 N Stafford St

Grim Year For Cyclists And Pedestrians

Recent statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) show that while overall traffic fatalities fell 2.7% from 2017, pedestrian deaths rose more than 3%, to 6,283. Bicycle fatalities increased more than 6%, to 857. Both figures are the highest since 1990.

Pedestrian deaths have ballooned 69% in urban areas from 2009 to 2018, while cyclist deaths have jumped 48%. The increases far outpace population growth in those areas.

“People tend to be impatient at intersections and that leads to cars doing things that might not seem reasonable to try to get the light or swerve around somebody who’s stopped to turn.”

NHTSA Press Release

Before You Buy a New Car…

Before You Buy a New Car…
“The popularity of SUVs and light trucks are contributing to the increase in roadway fatalities… If you’re behind the wheel of one of those vehicles… you need to take extra caution. It has a lot more weight… poor visibility, it takes you longer to brake and it is harder to see around turns. Drivers of those vehicles need drive very carefully to compensate.” — NYC DOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg

Lee Hwy & Glebe Rd Intersection Improvements

Dec 14, 2019: The County Board approved a project to widen North Glebe Road (Route 120) to add northbound and southbound full-width left turn lanes. The new turn lanes will improve traffic flow and give pedestrians more time to cross the street. Work to underground overhead utilities in the project area that began in January 2017 is near complete. Roadway construction is anticipated to start in spring 2020 and last for two years.

Arl Co Project Page

Deer Strike Injures Driver on Spout Run Pkwy

Deer Strike Injures Driver on Spout Run Pkwy
Where: Spout Run Pkwy south of intersection with Lorcom La
When: Fri, Dec 13, aprox 5 PM

Driver’s injuries were not life threatening. The deer died. Deer-involved crashes are greatest during the mating season, Oct through Dec, particularly around dawn and dusk. Drive carefully!