Composting Organics & Food Scraps

Composting Organics & Food Scraps
Composting is a wonderful way to reduce disposal of organic kitchen, garden or yard waste, and it creates a rich soil amendment that’s a natural for gardens. Save time bagging leaves, cut grass and kitchen trimmings by tossing them into a compost bin.

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Arlington’s Recycled Glass Made Into Bottles

Arlington’s Recycled Glass Made Into Bottles
Glass coming from dedicated collection bins in Arlington, Alexandria, and Fairfax County has been of sufficiently high quality that, in addition to being crushed and used as construction materials, some is now going to a processing facility and is being recycled into new glass products, like bottles.

Glass-to-glass recycling uses less energy than making bottles from original material, reduces carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, and supports hundreds of jobs.

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Successful Start To Arlington’s Glass Recycling Drop-Off Program

Successful Start To Arlington’s Glass Recycling Drop-Off Program

More than 1 million pounds of glass was collected for recycling in less than nine months.

Nearest dropoff for LV is Cherrydale Branch Library.

Glass material collected in the drop-off bins is sent to Fairfax for reuse as roadbed aggregate, pipe bedding in wastewater and storm improvement projects, and other construction uses.

Trash Bins: What’s the Law?

The Arlington County Code is available online for all to read.
Problems with trash bins are covered in:
 ● Chapter 10 “Trash, Recycling And Care Of Premises”
  ● Article I. “Residential Trash, Recycling and Organics”
   ● § 10-6. Storage, Removal, and Maintenance
    ● E. Failure to adhere to the storage, removal,
       and maintenance provisions
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New Glass Drop-Off Site: Cherrydale Library

Arlington is adding 3 new glass recycling drop off locations. More are potentially on the way.

The 2 existing glass drop-off sites are at Quincy Park and the Arlington Trades Center.

The 3 new sites will be at the Aurora Hills Community Center, Cherrydale Branch Library, and Lee Community Center.