Safety Tips from ACPD

Recap from Sept 9, 2019 General Meeting
Thanks to Sgt. Tom Rakowski and Officer Kristen Oesterling of the The Arlington County Police Department who spoke to LVCA members at the Sept 9 General Meeting.

  • Police Emergency Number: 911
  • Police Non-Emergency Number: 703-558-2222
    • Safety Tips

    • Do not hesitate to call if you see something suspicious or are fearful. Your calls help ACPD fight crime. Do not assume someone else will call. Think about what could happen if you fail to call.
    • If you are in a store and see a robbery in progress, step outside and call 911. This enables our quick response and making an arrest.
    • Many thefts from cars are from unlocked vehicles.
    • Establish a 9PM Home Routine:
      • Home and vehicle are locked.
      • Set your car alarm.
      • No valuables in your vehicle.
      • Close overhead garage door.
      • Lock inner garage door.
      • Close and lock all exterior doors.
      • Shut and lock windows.
      • Outdoor lights, security systems and cameras activated.

    More about the 9PM Home Routine from ACPD

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