Apr 12: LVCA General Meeting: Water Mains & Zoning “Bonus” Heights

LVCA Meeting: Water Mains & Zoning “Bonus” Heights, Apr 12
When: Monday Apr 12, 8PM
Where: Virtual via Zoom

ONLINE ONLY: No meeting at the Community House
A link to the meeting will be emailed to LVCA broadcast email subscribers on the event day (Apr 12)

Key Boulevard Water Main Replacement
County staff will brief us on replacement of the water main along Key Blvd from Jackson to Danville and the block of Herndon north of Key. The existing, aging water main was built in 1927 and has had numerous breaks in the past few years. The new larger-diameter and more-durable watermain will improve fire flow capacity and better support demand in the neighborhood. Construction is expected begin in the Spring and is expected to take a year and a half. There will be detours, parking restrictions, and unavoidable noise (between 9AM & 4PM). Water service may be disrupted for up to two hours. when the new main is connected to the water system disruptions may last up to eight hours. Advance notice will be given to residents before any planned water shut-offs. County Board Agenda Item

Zoning “Bonus” Heights in LV
In the second part of the meeting county staff will provide an overview of a proposal to award 60 extra feet of height for new buildings that include affordable units. The proposal is ostensibly for projects that are 100% “affordable,” but gives the County Board leeway offer extra height even if a project isn’t completely affordable. The proposal applies to properties zoned RA14-26, RA8-18, and RA6-15. There are several RA8-18 districts in Lyon Village (shown on map in yellow). This could potentially allow 10 story buildings to be built next to single-family homes. The proposal is supported by County Staff, the County Manager, and the Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing. The county board has advertised a hearing on April 17 to approve this change.
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Sun Gazette Washington Business Journal County Staff Presentation County Board Agenda Item Zoning Map Zoning Ordinance 2020 Letter of Support (Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing)