July 1 Residential Parking Permits Expire

Residential Parking Permits Expire July 1
Despite extensive citizen protest, the County Board made major changes to the Residential Parking Permits (RPP) program, including increased fees and complex rules for the number of permits or passes a household may obtain. New Rules Online Application The County cautions that it may take as long as 4 weeks to fill orders, so apply by June 1.
  Last Year:
This Year:
FlexPass Free $40¹
1st Vehicle-specific Permit Free $40¹
2nd Vehicle-specific Permit $20 $55
3rd Vehicle-specific Permit $20 $65²
4th Vehicle-specific Permit unavailable $150²
1st Visitor Pass Book of 20 $5 $5
2nd-5th Visitor Pass Book of 20 $5 each $10 each
¹2 vehicle-specific permits or 1 vehicle-specific permit & 1 FlexPass.
²Only for households without a driveway, garage, or parking lot.