LRPC Meeting on Clarendon Sector Plan Update

LRPC Meeting on Clarendon Sector Plan Update
The Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) of the Planning Commission will hold a virtual meeting on the Clarendon Sector Plan Update on July 27 at 7PM. County planner, Brett Wallace briefed LV residents on the plan in March 2012 March Meeting Recap: Clarendon Development Plans
● The update primarily adds larger buildings (up to 12 stories) south of the tall buildings that already exist or under construction on the southern edge of LV.
● The major concern for LV residents is the proposal to build a convention hotel where the Silver Diner is currently located. This has the potential for significantly increasing cut through traffic in LV.
Clarendon Sector Plan Update Homepage
LRPC Meeting Agenda
Staff Presentation Slides (June 30)