Sept 13 LVCA General Meeting:
LV Threat Assessments

LVCA General Meeting: LV Threat Assessments: Sept 13
When: Sept 13, 8PM (Monday)
Where: Online via Zoom (Watch your email on Monday for a link)
The September meeting will feature updates on potential future development projects in and around Lyon Village. There will be time for questions and answers at the end of each presentation.
Plan Langston Blvd: Loria Porcaro will provide an update on the Plan Langston Blvd (US 29 or formerly Plan Lee Hwy) Project.
Clarendon Sector Plan: Bill Gearhart will provide an update on possible changes to the Clarendon Sector Plan. Bill represents Lyon Village on this and served on the committee that developed the original plan.
Court House West: Bill Gearhart will provide an overview of a request to amend the GLUP from “Service Commercial” (Personal and business services, generally 1 to 4 stories, with special provisions within the Columbia Pike Special Revitalization District) to “High” Office- Apartment-Hotel” (office density up to 3.8 FAR (Floor Area Ratio), apartment density up to 4.8 FAR and hotel density up to 3.8 FAR). This is the block bounded by Danville, Clarendon Blvd, Cleveland and Wilson.
Red Top Cab Site, Phase II: Phase I was completed last spring. John Carten will describe Phase II, called the Alexan Clarendon. It is a 267-unit apartment community located at the corner of Washington and 13th.
St. Charles Church Redevelopment: Bill Gearhart will provide an overview of the current plans.