Up-Zoning Lyon Village Update (Sept 2021)

Up-Zoning Lyon Village Update (Sept 2021)

● Plan Lee Highway (PLH) was renamed Plan Langston Blvd (PLB) following the County Board’s decision to rename Lee Hwy.

● LVCA Board held online meetings with County Board members Matt de Ferranti (Chair) and Libby Garvey.

● LVCA Board held a walking tour of the affected area with Takis Karantonis and several neighbors.

● Although the County Board members listened to LVCA’s concerns, they did not take a position on the PLB concepts.

● The LVCA Board hopes to schedule meetings with Katie Cristol (Vice-Chair) and Christian Dorsey soon.

● The LVCA Board met with the Langston Blvd Alliance (LBA) and the PLB team (not including the consultants or county staff).

  □ The concepts released in the spring were developed by the consultants (AECOM) and county staff.

  □ None of the neighborhoods included in Study Areas 1-5 were happy with the presented concepts.

  □ The consultants and staff have restarted the process and are developing new concepts. The timeline for presenting concepts to the County Board will be pushed back, but no dates set.

  □ LBA and PLB asked the consultants and county staff to refrain from going beyond the edge of Langston Blvd.

  □ LBA and PLB asked the consultants and county staff to remove any reference to Missing Middle because it is still under study.

  □ LBA and PLB noted they had no control over the consultants or the county staff.