Board Member Tours Lyon Village

Board Member Tours Lyon Village
On Thurs afternoon, LVCA President, John Carten and two dozen LV residents lead County Board member Takis Karantonis on a walking tour of LV. When residents were asked “would you prefer the proposed changes or keep Lyon Village as is” 22 out of 23 residents on the walk raised indicated a preference to keep Lyon Village as is.
  All County Board members are invited to take Karantonis’ lead to meet with each of the affected communities.
  Some attendees expressed unhappiness with Karantonis doing lots of talking and little listening. One attendee sent a long, fiery email to the entire County Board and County Manager.
  Karantonis will be running for re-election this November, challenged by 3 independent candidates. The County Board has decided this election will not use ranked choice voting.

LVCA President’s Message on Plan Lee Highway

LVCA President’s Message on Plan Lee Highway
The Lyon Village Citizens’ Association (LVCA) wants to ensure that you aware of the current proposals being developed by the Plan Lee Hwy (PLH) team and County staff and the impact these proposals will have on single-family homes in Lyon Village.

These proposals would change the General Land Use Plan (GLUP) and zoning for the R6, single-family homes between Lee Hwy, N. Veitch St., 18th St. N., and N. Highland St. in Lyon Village. This ultimately will result in the destruction of
● 75 single-family homes (10% of all single-family homes)
● 43 townhomes (50% of all townhomes)
● 6 affordable apartment buildings (40% of all affordable apartment buildings)
● As well as the futures of all the families living in them

Information on the County’s proposals can be found at the following links. Lyon Village is in Area 5 (West) in these documents and slides.
Plan Lee Hwy Homepage
Presentation on Lyon Village

The LVCA strongly opposes these proposals, as is spelled out in our Position Paper.

LVCA supports maintaining the current GLUP and zoning, as shown on these Maps.

We feel these proposals, if approved, would set a precedent that would negatively impact Lyon Village and additional neighborhoods in the future, as well as harm the reputation of the County. We respectfully request your support in stopping these proposals from going forward to the County Board for approval in October 2021.

Please send letters to the following letting them know you oppose the proposals for Lyon Village. Get at least 10 of your friends and neighbors to send letters, too. We need every Lyon Village resident in every household to speak out and make his/her/their voice heard. — General address for all Board members — County Board Chair — County Board Member — County Board Member — County Board Member — County Board Member — Mr. Mark Schwartz, County Manager — Chair of Plan Lee Highway — Lee Highway Project Manager — Ms. Elise Cleva, Acting Comm & Engagement Manager — Ms. Rachel LaPiana, Comm & Engagement Specialist
(Please send a copy of your letter to As we learned in the past, the County will not publish or provide copies of letters from individuals.)

Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

John Carten, President, LVCA

Please send questions or comments to John Carten or Loria Porcaro

Watch: Special LVCA Meeting on Lee Highway Plan

Watch: Special LVCA Meeting on Lee Highway Plan
County representatives encountered over 100 angry residents at LVCA’s recent virtual meeting on the Lee Hwy Study. The study proposed rezoning all of LV north of 18th St for commercial and high-rise development. Despite it all, we want to thank Paul Holland, Chairman of the Plan Lee Highway Community Forum and Leon Vignes of Arlington County Planning Staff for patiently facing our 2-1/2 hour pummeling.

Intro & Slide Presentation by Paul Holland (20:00)

Initial Questions by LVCA President, John Carten (14:40)
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Please Complain About Lee Hwy Plan

Please Complain About the Lee Hwy Plan
County representatives encountered 100* angry residents at LVCA’s recent virtual meeting on the Lee Hwy Study. The study proposed rezoning all of LV north of 18th St for commercial and high-rise development. This, along with other proposals on the south, east, and west would drastically change the character of the little sliver of LV that remained.
  It is extremely important that LV residents, who want to preserve their homes and their neighborhood, contact County officials to signal their opposition. Below there is a sample letter and information about who to contact. Many other problems with the study were voiced by LV residents during the meeting. The the meeting recording is worth a listen or a re-listen (the recording will be posted very soon).Click to Continue Reading…

Invitation to Join the LVCA Executive Committee

Invitation to Join the LVCA Executive Committee

LVCA Needs You!
Help LVCA make a difference for the neighborhood. We are always interested in welcoming new people and have several officer positions needing someone to step in. This could be you!

If you are interested, please email LVCA President John Carten. He will be happy to answer your questions about community needs and how LVCA helps meet those needs.

LVCA will elect new officers for the 2020-2021 year at its next in-person general meeting. Meetings are currently on pause due to COVID-19 restrictions. All terms are for one-year starting in September. Current Members & More Information

Newly Elected LVCA Officers 2019–20

New LVCA officers begin 1-year terms effective Sept. 1: President, John Carten; Executive Vice President, Andy Rude; 2nd Vice President, John Armstrong; 3rd Vice President, vacant; Recording Secretary, Beth Ferrill; Bulletin Editor, Adam Kernan-Schloss; Corresponding Secretary, Jason Harrier; Web Master, Tom Piwowar; Treasurer, Don Gay; Assistant; Treasurer, Bill Gearhart; Volunteer Coordinator, Tony Abreu; Historian, Martha Moore; Clerk, Lesley Berk; Immediate Past President, Eric Lawrence.

LVCA Board 2019-20